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Rocking Horse - 19th Century

Rocking Horse – 19th Century

It seems like there should be a simpler way to say it, but the swirling controversy around the word “curate”  has me carefully backing away from the word – least I offend.  There it, sitting so prettily in the paragraph and boldly hollering….curate.

I am lucky to have a full time job that keeps me very busy…because I love the hunt for objet d’art, and many other things that fall outside the category of art, but set the tone for my home, including fashion.  Lucky because I both enjoy what I do working for a construction company, and left to wander boutiques, shops, outdoor markets, and my beloved Home Goods, I suspect there would be no money left to buy the actual property.  And focus I must on that, as I am quickly nearing completion of my second apartment, and have my sights set on number three.  The art of window shopping has two distinct benefits.  First it allows me to begin to storyboard the concept for the home to come.  Second, and perhaps more importantly to you, it allows me to find and identify things of beauty that you might have missed in your travels.  When I’m forced to leave it on the rack, shelf or in some musty, dusty corner of an antique store, I console myself by imagining what type of home that special something would come alive in.  Would it be a show-stopper or add quiet interest to a room.  I was heartbroken to leave this beautiful rocking horse behind (and quite a few other amazing finds on one of my post holiday excursions, if only it could run along side the moving truck, it could have come home with me.

It would be a stunning addition to a nursery, or in a library or reading room that is painted in a rich British Racing Green or a deep midnight blue. $695.

Here are some other pieces I would have curated for my home, were I not so focused on my mission.

Vintage wall candle sconce

Vintage wall candle sconce

Gothic Window Frame

Gothic Window Frame

French Country Side Tables

French Country Side Tables

Find them at:  Windham Antique Center  5 The Square, Bellows Falls . VT 05101 . (802) 732-8081

Ask for Michael Bruno

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