The Color of Inspiration

For me it’s gray, or if you are English – grey.  Regardless, it is not yellow or avocado.  These two colors are exceedingly popular in the Boston residential market.  Why? I haven’t the foggiest idea, but plan to change it.  Gray is a neutral so no argument can be made that suggests it is not marketable for a property one plans to flip. Further, I believe there is always a market for great design, and color is an essential element to great design.  I should mention now my love affair with Benjamin Moore.  Oh there are other paints of course, but the value, dependability, and color palette offered by Benny help me BE MORE than I could be alone.  Some of my very favorites for you to consider are listed here:

Boston Home Magazine Summer 2011

Boston Home Magazine Summer 2011

  • mineral ice
  • sidewalk gray
  • gray cloud
  • dior gray
  • bunny gray
  • feather gray

Mineral Ice, featured on the walls of my Charlestown home, the palest of grays, was a calming hue in this tiny 523 sf dwelling.

Benjamin Moore - Gray Cloud

Benjamin Moore – Gray Cloud

The photo to the left showcases my current dining area in Gray Cloud, a slightly darker hue than Mineral Ice.

The Milford Street Kitchen offered a tough challenge.  Aesthetically the granite countertops and glass backsplash, small scale pendant lights, and cherry cabinets weren’t making me happy.  Still my sustainability conscience was whispering in

Milford Street Kitchen

Milford Street Kitchen

my ear not to demolish that which was inherently new and useful.  So I compromised by removing the backsplash, countertops, and pendant lamps, and painting the cabinets a beautiful Dior Gray to compliment the walls of the main living space.

A little pop of color brings a bit of the Mediterranean to the South End.  The powder room door in Peacock Feathers, hints at what is inside, a beautiful Cole & Sons . wallcovering in Alpana in Gold/Aqua.  Inspired….

Powder Room

Powder Room

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