Side Table Obsession: Taking Center Stage

No plus one in my house.  The side table is often the headliner.  If I sound too bold in this assertion, I feel at least confident in saying that, in my home, they are an opening act, that sparkle a bit more than the typical stars.  This is in part true due to the size of the places I have lived.  Small city apartments require creativity. That reality means the side table has a lot going for it:

European Modern Side Tables

European Modern Side Tables – A

  • compact and portable
  • flexibly adapts to alternative purposes
  • Often less expensive than coffee tables and chairs
  • provides a little luxury happy without sacrificing lunch for a month
  • Depending on configuration you can store and display:  on top, underneath and on crossbars.
Waterworks Side Tables

Waterworks Side Tables – B

Ceramic Side Table C

Ceramic Side Table C

Paired in a row of two or three they make a beautiful coffee table, on either side of a sofa they are a necessity for resting my drink, and offer additional seating when I have guests over for cocktails, tucked in a corner they make a great pedestal for displaying books or a sculpture.  I would argue the stools versatility demand a little spot light.

Image A showcases two European side tables – meant for the interior, but I used them on my rooftop until winter came.  They easily work as a coffee table in my living room now.

Image B showcases my beloved Waterworks side tables.  A total splurge when I was making very little money.  They cost me $600. a piece and are meant for a very wealthy home owners bathroom!  I have used them as a coffee table, a side table, and for display.

Target Side Table

Image C.  A Home Goods purchase for my roof deck ensemble, I had been coveting this likeness from a on-line store called Wisteria.  Great finds, really clean style, nice mix of trend and traditional, but the table was $279.  More than I wanted to spend on the deck – I found it at Home Goods for $70.  You will hear me talk again and again about my love of this store.  They make noteworthy knockoffs and they make them fast.  Visit one soon, and visit it often.  If you find you’re just not sure….check out my site.  I will post can’t miss – must haves on my blog.

Image D. Mirrored Glass side tables from Target.  I picked these up on clearance for $25.  I have used them as my bed side tables ever since.

Image E.  A Saarinen side table I bought at auction.  It’s a modern classic and though I have no place for it, I simply could not let the guy that was bidding on that ugly clock call it his.  So until I find a home that I know it will be happy in, I have adopted it!

Eero Saarinen Tulip Table

Eero Saarinen Tulip Table – E

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