Eye Spy: Les Objets D’Art

i spyJanuary is a very good month to be out and about.  If all you wanted for Christmas wasn’t found underneath the Christmas tree, a little “To Me … From Me, With Love” may be in order.  Those happy little tags with 20%, 30%, 40% off and sometimes more should fill you with post-holiday euphoria.  I know they put my heart aflutter.  Alas, I am on restriction, and am imploring you to allow me to live vicariously through you most esteemed reader.

Let it be known that I can find reserves of energy most commonly associated with professional athletes and Olympians – for shopping that is.  On foot, by car, I’ll fly, I can go a good 10 – 12 hour stint with barley a sip of water, sometimes a necessary fortifying glass of of wine.  This morning’s expedition took me to Hudson, one of my very favorite stores, owned by Proprietor Jill Goldberg.

Hudson . 12 Union Park .  Boston 02118 . 617.292.0900 . www.hudsonboston.com

Jill has what I refer to as a “great eye”.  Some of my most adored designers I was introduced to through her store displays.  Among those that I have a deep reverence for:

Hudson . 12 Union Park . South End . Boston

Hudson . 12 Union Park . South End . Boston

  • Verellen
  • Oly Studio
  • Bungalow Five
  • Shine by S.H.O.

I admire her conviction in the face of a City that is not design forward, her ability to sift through sometimes conflicting information and direction, and help bring you over the finish line with cohesive elements that make a space memorable.  Jill is patient, and bright – as in cheery, and is having her INCREDIBLE SEMI-ANNUAL Sale.  Which simply is not to be missed.  Starting Monday 19 January 2015.  Be there or be without that hip Artichoke Lamp,

Arianna G On Sale for $820. from $965. at Hudson

Arianna G On Sale for $820. from $965. at Hudson

those gorgeous custom made pillows, those Bunaglow 5 kelly green lacquered bed side tables, obviously I could go on.

Two more noteworthy stops today include:

 marc hall objekt . 531 albany street . boston . ma 617.391.6236 . www.marchallobjekt.com

A failed mission at the flower mart led to a totally new discovery for me.  Marc Hall, a brilliant flower designer formerly of Winston Flowers was found out back creating a stunning arrangement for a wedding anniversary party today – lucky them.

Anniversary Arrangement - Marc Hall

Anniversary Arrangement – Marc Hall

 In addition to floral design he has some noteworthy pieces of “art” and furnishings, and designs rooftop decks or terraces.  Aside from meeting and being inspired by Marc, I found these:

A Horse of Course

A Horse of Course

Wood encased in resin - European Wonder $440.

Wood encased in resin – European Wonder $440.

Finally I swung by Home Goods, Assembly Square . 105 Middlesex Avenue . Somerville . MA

Home Goods is the Filene’s Basement (I still have feelings for you and deep gratitude for teaching me the thrill of the hunt) of furnishings.  I love it.  Spend a month or two scrutinizing the pages of design magazines – then visit a Home Goods.  If you’ve done your home work, you will find brilliant knock-offs.  If time and/or inclination toward the effort don’t arise, I will have your back.  Visit regularly for Eye Spy Segments or else – would you seriously entertain letting someone else go home with that that thing…whatever is…which was really perfect for you?  You are on notification.

Home Goods Gold Stool $69.

Home Goods Gold Stool $69.

Home Good Lantern $29.

Home Good Lantern $29.

 Vases HG

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