Conjure a Feeling with Color

I love color.  I know I’ve said it before, but I do, I love it.  Color is the great equalizer.  I challenge you to tell me in what other way, you can spend so little and effect such transformation?  With a few cans of paint, a lot of cleaning, prepping, taping, covering, stirring, pouring, brushing, rolling, ok….it’s hard work to paint, but so is working for a living, so buck up, watch a YouTube video on painting prep and bring your imagination to play.  Trust me …. it’s worth it.  See what Hotel La Belle Juliette created with color in their Parisian Suites.  The muse for my current  Chambre a Coucher…that means … bedroom.

La Belle Juliette . Chambre Rose

La Belle Juliette . Chambre Rose

La Belle Juliette . Chambre Bleue

La Belle Juliette . Chambre Bleue

We know and take for granted the meaning of color at least a few times every day.  You know that red means stop, and green means go.  White signifies purity, and purple power.  Marketers have long tapped into the influence of color to get you to eat and eat fast – red, to trust – blue, think IBM, to believe a product is environmentally sound – green.  When we go to a funeral, we know to wear black as a sign of mourning, but how are we using color to create mood in our homes?

Speaking volumes...

Speaking volumes…

I work really hard, as many folks do these days, and I keep long hours, so when I come home I want it to be a place of calm and tranquility.  There are places I visit….sometimes all I need see is the door, and I know, a little sign escapes my lips and I am in heaven.  I had occasion to visit just such a place a few months ago in Dallas….yes, Texas.  I thought it an unlikely place to discover my design soul mate, but it’s irrefutable.  If they told me I could move in tomorrow, I would undoubtedly put the For Sale sign on the door, pack my Kate Spade carry-on, and head to Texas.  A girl cannot question geography when love is involved.  I’ve fallen hard for Blue Print.

Hello!  The Color of Tranquility

Hello! The Color of Tranquility

It’s interesting here that these five woman have chosen the purity of white for their backdrop.  Their color palette comes from the artists they feature – and what artists they are – and the fabrics in which they choose to upholster the furnishings.  It works.  It’s a calm kind of beautiful with pops of energizing vitality.  I’m awaiting my invitation!

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