Resiliency . Resiliency … what a beautiful word.

And a most admired quality.  I’ve been bent, compressed, stretched, tried and misled.  Who hasn’t?  My ability to overcome adversity has not always been my strong point.  Truth be told, I can remain bent out of shape for some time, which certainly doesn’t scream resilient.  I attribute some of my new found spring to yoga.  I can really bend and twist in a way that seems not quite right.  Still physical elasticity comes in handy but is trumped every time by the ability to calm the mind after a trauma.

Said trauma presented itself last evening.  I was feeling good – this good…

The happiness of balloons

The happiness of balloons

as I said good-bye to the plumber who fixed my garbage disposal – boy I really have an appreciation for that devise, and prepared to say good-bye to the mechanical contractors, who after one year in my home, fixed it so I have heat in my bedroom. Pete, Robert’s Assistant asked me to share lessons learned about Flipping with him – he is considering doing it.  I told him:

  •  have a team of great builders and tradespeople,
  •  have a few contingency plans up your sleeve,
  •  be willing to let go of the need for immediate gratification.

A successful flipper knows that each property positions you to do a little more, to compromise a little less, to realize your vision, but creativity often bubbles to the surface when money can’t or won’t step in.  Something for which to be grateful.  Thank you Back Bay Mechanical.  Ask for Robert – he’s the best.

Scene of the Crime

Scene of the Crime

There I was preparing to map out the editorial calendars for the evening, in an attempt to get this place published before it goes on the market when I was assaulted with the reality that my roof is STILL leaking.  Note the still, and we’ll get back to it.  It wasn’t just leaking, actively flooding is what it was doing.  Just two months after I purchased this condo, during construction, we discovered that there was a serious water infiltration problem.  I won’t bore you with all the details, the months of negotiation with the other home owners within the building, the inconvenience, and finally the celebratory party when my wall was all buttoned up – 8 months later, suffice it to say – it was a costly drama.

Stay tuned as I wait for the snow to melt, April seems so far away when you live in New England, and I prepare to have my beautiful roof deck torn off, tossed in the trash, roof replaced, and new deck built???  It’s a huge part of my marketability here, but Quelle Horreur – the cost.  I am reminded of something a wise man said to me one day..  “Jackie – it’s not really a problem if it can be fixed with money.”  Right you are.

Jackie’s No. 1 Rule for Flipping:  Be Resilient

So much better in the bath

So much better in the bath

When I discovered the newly expressed flood I thought to myself…perhaps I left out the most important quality a Flipper must possess.  I should have told him to put Resiliency on the top of his list.  Don’t worry about me.  I am pretending it’s happening to someone else and I’ve been hired to fix the problem.  I feel better already.

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