Desperately Seeking South End Condo

It happens when you least expect it.

It happens when you aren’t even looking.

When it’s meant to be…it will be.

These trite attempts at condolence will not find you a man or a house.  You must hunt, with eyes wide open, embracing the possibilities that come with their imperfections.  So with buckets strategically placed to catch the water that intermittently streams in courtesy of that hidden fissure in the roof (I’ll get you my pretty), I begin the search.

It’s just about as hard to find a house in the City of Boston as it is to find….well insert here what you value most, that continues to elude you.  But the looking is so much fun.  I try to keep my voyeuristic inclinations in check and only visit places within my price range that I really think might be a good fit for me.  Brokers are working hard to make a living, and the seller is anxiously awaiting word on interest, and then there is karma to worry about.   I am however very curious to know how others make their nest. Secretly I hope their priorities lie elsewhere, and I can swoop in, and affect a magical change.  Or something close to it.  A girl can dream.

So off to get the magic started I went.  I visited a property on Appleton Street.  I have a real soft spot for the one bedroom, under 600 SF condos.  They’re tres charmant or at least they will be when I am done with them.

Appleton Street Living Room

Appleton Street Living Room

I look for a place with good bones (that’s the structure and footprint of the space) and that gets ample natural light. Appleton had both even on a snowy day.   If it were my own I would stain those parochial school oak wood floors dark, and paint the walls in the living room gray.  Dare I risk being redundant.  I’ll answer yes particularly based on the known outcome.

The bedroom – again has very good light, access to a really sweet deck, two modest sized closets (not perfect) and in-unit laundry (big plus).  The carpet is sad and ready for replacement.  A David Hicks hexagon would be just perfect here.  Of course the standard army green wall color must go.

David Hicks Hexagon

David Hicks Hexagon

This bathroom …. oh the possibilities, I get butterflies thinking of gutting it.  Trust me when I tell you I would be in violation of the No Wake Rule currently imposed here.  A glamorous tiled shower with sleek glass wall, a wall hung Duravit vanity (clean modern lines and perfectly proportioned for small apartment bathrooms) and matching toilet.  Oh the thrill.

Lots of possibilities for improvement but I will not allow myself to fall in so quickly.  The square foot price is very high at $907.34.  A bathroom renovation – my way, will cost me $25K. That would eat up all my profit after Broker’s fees, and while you cannot see it here, trust me when I tell you the kitchen needs work.   A beautiful design might garner $1000. a foot, but with only four properties in my price range and sought after neighborhood, I am guessing a bidding war will ensue.  I advise you friends – know your numbers and your limit, and walk away if it doesn’t work.  Au Revoir Appleton, I hope you land in the enthusiastic hands of a first time home buyer.

Appleton Bath

Appleton Bath

Appleton Bedroom

Appleton Bedroom

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