Snow Day Sleuthing

Now if you are lucky enough to be reading from the comfort of your home in Texas, California, Florida or anywhere other than Massachusetts and more specifically Boston, you may find it hard to relate to a Snow Day.

Boston Blizzard Madness

Boston Blizzard Madness

When you get seven feet of snow in three weeks, regardless of your age, you get a Snow Day mixed into the work week.  It’s referred less fondly as A State of Emergency, and positive childhood associations with those two words aside, when you are an adult it tends to be less about hot chocolate and snow angels and more about shoveling and making sure you don’t fall on the ice.  Still it can be hard to repress that youthful excitement that bubbles to the surface, so after a mornings work I summoned the help of my lovely French neighbor Sylvie and off we went, shovels in hand to dig out my car and find it shelter.  Rosie cheeked and lighter for having completed a big task we took a stroll down Dwight Street to investigate a property that is currently under development.  Two units a triplex and a Duplex this property falls no where close to my price range, but it was snowing hard, and even though all the windows were mostly covered with brown craft paper, that mountain of snow was just waiting to be scaled by someone, and not a sole was on that street, and who could blame them on such a rotten day.  It had to be done, I climbed that mountain and peeked through that tiny space where the paper had curled away from the window and low and behold someone had found their way to work that day and was busy making ready that home.  Didn’t that same nice man come on out and offer to give us a tour.  The lower unit, two sub-levels below grade and Parlor Level, three bed, garden terrace with service kitchen, and balcony off the main kitchen, $3M.  No parking but it does have A/C and a docking station.  The second unit is a two bed, balcony off kitchen, and roof deck, was sold preconstruction and I can see why.  I do love beautiful craftsmanship…..and these units didn’t disappoint.  I bet that Broker isn’t worried in the slightest about the predicted 6 – 12 inches impacting his Sunday open house.

If You've Got a Little Change in Your Pocket

If You’ve Got a Little Change in Your Pocket

Let it snow . let it snow . let it snow!

PS….it is in fact now Sunday, and that predicated 6 – 12 has turned into 16 inches and still snowing!  I bet that open house was canceled – not everyone is interested in bringing this much adventure to their Sunday afternoon.  We will have to wait another week to see if it sells.

For those of you interested – Appleton did not sell as I predicted it would!  To say I am surprised is an understatement.  I’ll keep an eye on it.  If I was in the position to buy now I’d put in a low ball offer at $800. a foot.  Boy would I have fun with that place – and that budget.  Off to shovel.  Stay warm.


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