Take Courage: It’s Time for a Change.

Pale Pink Perfection

Pale Pink Perfection

I love my grays and would argue that they are the perfect neutral but least you think I am a one trick pony – I plan to change it up.  Change can be risky.  Change can lead to all manner of miss steps, regrets, and failures, but it can also move you that much closer to your heart’s desire…even if you aren’t precisely sure what that looks like.

So as I begin my quest for No. 3 – scouring the pages of Boston Homes:  The Complete Guide for open houses and properties with promise, I imagine my new color pallet splashed on the walls of somebody else’s home.  At this stage of the game . this stage being the one where I have no money to buy a property . Alan doesn’t join me.  He’ll hunt in earnest when I’ve sold Milford.  He’s very sweet worrying about me as he does.  The market is tight and he hates the idea of me being homeless.  I tell him to be strong and stay focused.  Buy . sell . buy . sell.  That’s the job.  Everything will turn out exactly as it’s expected to.  

I’ve been accused of not getting emotionally involved.  Not allowing myself to live in, and to love a place – but it’s not true.  I’ve loved them all, even when I’ve hated them.  I chose them didn’t I?  Are they not a reflection of me in some way?  Of course they are, and it’s my job to pour the best of me into them.  To leave it better than when I found it, not just on the surface, but on a fundamental level.  We’ll discuss the wiring and plumbing, and the necessity for a sound roof in another post.  Trust me when I say, you must give those elements love too, or they will make you regret your decision.

I’m seriously contemplating tucking my bunny gray, dior, sidewalk, thunderbolt, mineral ice, cloud, and feather into the card catalog for at least No. 3.  It’s no heavy weight this decision, as I know gray speaks to me, and I will find my way back to it.  This is not in question.  Three though, if you remember your Schoolhouse Rock….is the magic number, “the ancient mystic trilogy” so it’s fitting that I should let the magic happen here.  I’ve had warm feelings for pale pink for some time.  It’s so untarnished and simple, delicate and tres jolie.  For the same reason I love gray, this soft shade suggests the start of something quiet and good, that hasn’t yet reached its full expression.  My life outside my home feels stretched beyond that expression near to bursting.  When I am home I welcome the calming influence of a gentler hue.  I’m thinking pink for the living room.  I’ll bring some vitality into the home in another space – maybe a high gloss blue for the kitchen or dining area….I’ll take the risk, you feel free to comment.  Bonne weekend.

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