Hitting a Wall? Paper it!

Cole & Sons Paper

Cole & Sons Paper

Does it seem too permanent?  So many interiors decisions seem like big ones.  Ones that you worry can’t be taken back.  At least not without a little to do.  All that glue and paste.  I know I’ve been party to a bucket of water, with a generous helping of vinegar, rubber gloved hand clutching the sponge, solution dripping down forearm, paper stubbornly sticking to wall.  I don’t think that vinegar helps a lick. Quelle domage.  Who wouldn’t be frightened by the thought of this level of permanence?  Even though it’s hard and messy to remove, I implore you to consider its application.  Your Grandmother didn’t have paper like this.  Its artistry will move you to tears.  It dazzles and you don’t have to paper a whole room or even a whole wall to have the pride well up at a decision that so aptly showcases your aesthetic, and moves the space from put together to PUT together. I did a single wall in my petite powder room in a gorgeous Cole & Sons wallpaper called Alpana, showcased above in image A.  In part, I chose to do just one wall out of economy – dreaded finances.  I painted the other three walls and baseboards in Benjamin Moore’s Peacock Feathers.  What a happy coincidence for me that the perfect color compliment had such a fun name to match.  The single wall hints to those outside at the glamour within.  It’s actually my favorite room in the house.  I feel like a designer when I look at it with its complimentary hardware – simple without missing anything.  I attribute it to the wall covering.  Big design bang for the buck.  Start with a whisper and leave room for a shout.    Dipping your toe in the water is as easy as:

No Flavor of the Month this Paper!

No Flavor of the Month this Paper!

  • Lining the interior of an old cabinet:  start with back wall for super subtle,
  • Lining the shelves of a bedroom or hall closet,
  • Covering the interior panel or panels of your closet doors,
  • Selecting a small space and papering the ceiling or a single wall:  Powder Rooms and Guest Bedrooms are perfect places to start,
  • Ready to go bolder:  Select a feature wall in your living room.

Its beauty can be bound, so if you know yourself well and suspect that in a few short months your taste will have moved wildly in a new direction, think about framing it or covering an inexpensive screen to accent a living or bedroom.  It’ll provide the pop without the permanence.  If you tend to be a bit fickle this may be the option for you.

Subtle Sensation

Subtle Sensation

A little wallpaper can go a long way, which is good because it can also be pricey.  There are many discount sites that you can buy direct without the encumbrance of a designer to act as middle man.  And if you simply must have that paper you spied in Domino www.domino.com or Elle Décor, www.elledecor.com most design centers now provide an option – albeit a quiet one, which allows the general public to purchase through a membership program of sorts.  At the Boston Design Center it’s called the Plush Program.  For a $300. annual membership fee you may browse the showrooms and request samples.  You can request pricing, but they don’t have to give it to you.  As part of the service they assign you a designer who can place the order on your behalf.  They throw in a few free design consultation hours with the membership, of which I highly recommend you take advantage.  At the very least they can help with the measurements and required quantity for the project you have in mind.  Math was never my strong point and I get a bit nervous when it comes to calculating quantities.  Ask for help.  You can’t be good at everything.

Boston Design Center

Plush Member Services:  1.800.767.5874


Hire someone you trust implicitly for the install.  If you don’t know where to start inquire with a favorite local home décor store, they’ll have a strong recommendation.  Happy papering!

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