Rental Rescue II: Livening Things up in the room in which you live.

Rental properties work hard to defeat your creativity.  Limited and/or inconveniently placed outlets. The cable jack on THAT wall?, the absolute last place you would hope for it to be?  Overhead fans where a simple light fixture or chandelier would bring so much more brightness to a space. The most uninspired paint selection.  These are just a few of the idiosyncracies that can plague a rental property.  I implore you to show it a little love, resisting the inclination to wait for your perfect place to come along.  Life rarely presents perfect.  It’s challenges like these that keep me awake at night, in a furious search for a solution, asking myself and others, question after question, hoping to find a simple answer that is nothing less than brilliant.  The whole thing can be a big pain-in-the-necktie, but please don’t feel powerless.

Refined Elegance .

Refined Elegance .

If you are one of those people that feels a little down on a gray rainy day, you probably wouldn’t thrive in an apartment that is dark.
It can cast a shadow on your naturally good disposition.

Where's the Florida Sunshine?

Where’s the Florida Sunshine?

Such is the case with the previously reported on Floridian Rental Property.  Too moody for words. Good bones otherwise.  Remember – no painting allowed in this apartment, so here are some thoughts on how to change this apartments outlook or at least how you look at it:

Stating your Purpose

Stating your Purpose

– Mirrors and other reflective surfaces help capture even the slightest beams of light,

– Lamps:  both table and standing are necessary, giving those reflective surfaces something to bounce off of,

– Art:  large scale, bright art and/or photography is great for covering that less desirable hue,

– 3D Tiles:  a tad trickier than hanging art work, this involves determining a surface on which to apply the tiles, the lighter the better (but it must be rigid enough to withstand warping) as you will need to prop, screw, or perhaps hang it on to the wall,

– Curtains:  Install a rod at the ceiling and hand curtains floor to ceiling in a color that appeals,

– Fabric Covered Foam Panels,

– Wood screens or room dividers that can be painted – in your version of happy – can be hung like paneling, or used more sparingly like a large piece of art work.

All these suggestions require a little effort, but think of the pep you’ll have in your step when you’ve set the room aglow.  Get going now.


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