Tricks of the Trade: Creating the illusion of space

As far back as my memory cares to take me, all my city apartment bathrooms have been small by American standards.

Designed by TFAD

Designed by  Rozelle Residence

I say American because I recall a brief overnight stay in a kind Parisian gal’s apartment when I was just 22.  A missed train, a miscalculation in funds, a misadventure of sorts found my good friend and I in the company of Anna.  Her bathroom was so small it had a corner mounted sink, a folding door, and frankly I don’t recall a shower.  Personally I like a shower, and I have longed to live in Paris, but if I had to choose one or the other, I am not sure Paris would win out.  Still we were grateful for the accommodation.  We Americans demand a little more space and tend to get it.  Whenever I feel truly wedged in like ten pounds of sausage in a two pound bag, I remind myself of Anna’s petite salle de bain.  I have, none the less, experienced my fair share of steam filled spaces, inexcusably limited storage, and one bathroom that literally had no place to install a toilet paper holder…it had to vie for valuable square footage atop the tank of the toilet.  I briefly entertained the idea of suspending a string from the ceiling and letting it dangle within arms reach.  Thank goodness it was only a moments desperation that passed quickly….still I think it best to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.  Sometimes a solution simply doesn’t present itself.  Alas, I am human, and how will you avoid my miss steps if I don’t clearly spell them out for you?

I promised a few tricks, did I not?  Here they are:

Getting Tricky with It

Getting Tricky with It

– Glass equals transparency:  transparency creates the illusion of space – if you can design your bath with a glass walled shower it will feel bigger,

– Ceiling mounted shower curtain tracks:  A clean simple, custom application that draws the eye up, is super inexpensive, and easy to install (just three screws) make this a really attractive option.  While it comes with an interior curtain, you will need to have a custom curtain made in your choice of fabric to hang outside the shower.  I like Trax:

– Hardware:  Mount towel racks and holders inside the shower, on the walls just outside, next to the sink – it’s useful space and gets towels and such, out of baskets and off of your floors,

– Cut into the wall:  this last tip admittedly creates actual space previously hidden by your drywall.  Have a handy man install a sleek medicine cabinet like a Robern which has models dimensionally lean and tall to fit between studs.

Interiors by Studio M knows glamour!

Interiors by Studio M knows glamour!

I have employed these techniques in the nests that are part of my quest.  While I dream of one day having a Dorthy Draper style en suite bathroom with a soaking tub, separate shower, Butler that brings me my martini and makes ready my ball gown for the evening’s activities.  Whatever your dream might be, I hope these tips make your reality a little more glamorous.

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