Getting to the ART of the Matter

Art is the heart of the home or at the very least it can give your home a little heart.  It’s personal and says something about who you are, like those old relics called books.  Books used to be a lovely way of gaining a little insight into the interests of another – they spoke of great depths or shallow pools, they sparked conversations or ended them.

Design Lover

Design Lover

To discover that a book you love is loved by another is to create a bond between you two.  Ah, books I miss them.  It’s not quite the same experience to ask someone to hand over their kindle and allow you to scroll through their title list.  Where’s the romance in that….no opportunity to slide the book from it’s carefully selected location on the shelf (lot to learn from just how they place it there – what it sits next to – the level of prominence it is given, how worn the jacket appears), flip through the pages, remember a passage or moment to its owner, or ask of their recommendation.  So artwork presents an opportunity for others to get to know you, to remember a place you visited, a time you loved, an adventure for which you have yet to participate.

Nice . France Flee Market Find

Nice . France – Flee Market Find

Now Artwork can be expensive and feel a little elusive as you wistfully stroll the aisles of a gallery or the fields of fair. I am not alone in falling in love with art that simply cannot come home with me – I’ve asked, but still they will not consider my Milford Street Residence as a suitable location for Van Gogh’s Starry Night to come on traveling exhibit, pourquoi non, I ask?  I assured them that I would have an appropriate sign indicating it was on loan from The Museum of Modern Art – New York City, but they didn’t bite.

So how does one go about populating their space with pieces that speak to you and speak of who you are to others?

 Art is what you make of it.

Slim Arrons Acrylic Photograph

Slim Aarons Acrylic Photograph

The way you frame it, matte it, hang it, cover it, or expose it, all are an expression of your style.  Whether you choose to take photos of the places you visit, the people you love, a theme or an object, there are so many ways to make what you have shot into astounding art.  There is a wonderful on-line company out of Canada called:  Big Acrylic – 877.234.4466

 that will take your photography and create large scale, customized acrylic hanging art.

 It’s amazing, and it’s incredibly reasonably priced.  If you’ve been to a frame store, coupon in hand, you know how costly having that ticket stub from the theater production in London framed can be….oh lordly, it’s a toss up about whether it’s worth it or not.  Make your plan, select those pieces carefully, and phase it over time as money permits.  Even the simplest framed pieces hung in an original manner can captivate.

Aligned Left looks lovely

Aligned Left looks lovely

 Whether your collection is curated from your travels, you create it yourself, it’s your child’s art project, or it’s a poster from a concert that rocked your world, what you hang on your walls should speak to you, and the things it says should resonate.

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