WOOD it Matter – To Go Faux or No?

street thread Authenticity is to be admired.  That’s why I tell people flat out – I get Botox.  I want to put my best foot forward- or face as the case may be, and while I’ve been grateful for my good genes, I certainly see nothing wrong with using the products and innovations that are out there to enhance my appearance.  You know what I mean.   I have come to believe that this same philosophy applies to wood.  Hear me when I say faux can be fabulous!  Given the right material it can resist:  warping, bleeding, splintering, wearing, requiring refinishing and/or frequent painting.  As I have come to learn all too well, that which comes from Mother Nature requires a good deal of nurturing to be its best self.  I’m enough trouble on my own, so now and again, I am inclined to use those materials that seem more conducive to the challenges I have on hand.

– High-Density Balmer Polyurethane:  aka – Plastic

Plastic Crown

Plastic Crown

– Ceramic Tile

– Acrylic Impregnated Wood

Nydree Aspen Fiber Resin

Nydree Aspen Fiber Resin

– Medium Density Fiber Board

Your home is a reflection of you – would you ask your builder to limit himself to hand tools?  Refuse to allow him to avail himself of all the power and ingenuity that exists today?  Of course, you wouldn’t.

I have hardwood floors throughout my apartment.  After this winter, I longed for many things – that list is for another day – specifically I wished for a faux wood, ceramic tile floor entry.  The salt, and dirt that gets dragged in despite all efforts to hold it at bay is miraculous.  Here is what I would love to have in its place.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile

I’m a bit of shoe fanatic.  Specifically I love stilettos and have made an art out of wearing them on the mean streets of Boston – oh those cobblestones can be devastatingly cruel to my poor defenseless Jimmy Choos, and on a construction site or two.  While concrete can take a lot of heel clicking action – sadly my hardwood floors look a little worse for the wear.  I swooned for the Nydree Aspen Resin.  While this acrylic impregnated wood doesn’t sound sexy….it sure looks it.

Stiletto Friendly

Stiletto Friendly

I’ve conveyed in other posts my fond feelings for plastic molding.  Bend as it does to my will – why wouldn’t I like it?  So many other things resist me unnecessarily and it can be exhausting!  Projects consist of materials, labor and sometimes additional oversight and/or coordination.  The use of this highly responsive material makes it easier and faster to install, saving you money.  I recommend building up standard moldings top and bottom for a more dramatic look.

Whether it be hard, soft, textured smooth or sporting a distinctive grain – the wood will always find its way into my homes.  I believe there is a way for FAUX and NO to live harmoniously together. WOOD you consider it?

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