A Pragmatic Eye for the Spring Buy

Were I in the market for a property this Spring I’d be scouring the listings and putting all plans of travel on hold until the coveted property – wherever she might be – was firmly in my clutch.  Like boats,

Ain't She Pretty.

Ain’t She Pretty.

I refer to properties in the female gender.  My seaside beginnings coupled with my intense, sometimes seemingly impossible pursuit of the French language – it would be so much easier if they weren’t trying to throw all those imperative’s and that predilection toward masculine and feminine into the mix.  Couldn’t they just choose one or the other?  I digress, Spring, new beginnings, growth, possibility, the prospect of a new project surge forth, instinctively directing me to conquer this impossible marketplace calling victory mine.  Who could deny such a compulsion?  Not I.

It’s this very compulsion that will have me prepared to make a good decision when all the stars are aligned.  Properties should be popping up like Spring flowers, but here in Boston our marketplace remains steadfastly dormant, and if the hail we experienced Wednesday is any indication, Spring has not yet arrived.  Still I can report that a few more properties are appearing every week, and disappearing as fast as they come.  Great news for Sellers, tough news for buyers, as competition remains stiff.  Keeping your wits about you, balancing data, desperation, and intuition is essential to making a good decision.

The beauty of checking out condos when you aren’t really in the market is your ability to assess places without emotion.  It’s funny when it’s not real – how realistic you can be about what would ultimately be in your best interest.  So hit the pavement I will tomorrow, and again on Sunday before I have to head off to a conference in RI.  Squeezing it all-in can be tough, but the looking is both fun and fundamental to good decision-making.

I like this Concord Square Condo for its size 723SF, its private deck, and yes, I admit it, it’s gray color palette.  Adore.  Its price per foot is high, but I must see it in person to know if I could push the perimeters of the investment.  Light and location – it has possibility…..

Windows abound.

Windows abound.

Lots of Light

Lots of Light

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