Match Made In Heaven

West Elm and Etsy made quite a pair today as they teamed up to showcase local talent and goods. Long a favorite of mine.  My current home demanded a decidedly contemporary aesthetic, for which they specialize, and I happily availed myself of their wares.  What makes them particularly special aside from their astute recognition of the power of the start-up culture is the price point of their furnishings.  I imagine it’s the same reason I have spied them featured in many corporate tenant interiors, and high-end residences being shown for the first time.  They welcome the design community as warmly as the Patron who might purchase a pillow or a planter.  A rare and refreshing reality which will serve them well.

West Elm . 160 Brookline Ave . Boston .

While there was much to fall for, I kept my wits about me onlyexiting with these fabulous palm frond pillows by Lulu Belle Design.

Lulu Belle Design - Etsy

Lulu Belle Design – Etsy

I think I might design the living room of 3 or 4 using the color palette – inspiration can come from many places.  This time-honored pattern is both elegant and carefree, two things I aspire to be.

It delights me to know end to see a really well-done reproduction of an artful classic.  The Arco Floor Lamp designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Flos is a staggering $2995.  No doubt it is beautiful, and if you choose to visit Bora Bora instead of buying that lamp, fear not West Elm has you covered with their own version for a cool $299.  No contest.

Arco Floor Lamp

Arco Floor Lamp

West Elm Floor Lamp

West Elm Floor Lamp

Union Square Donuts . 20 Bow Street . Somerville

Union Square Donuts . 20 Bow Street . Somerville

I sampled a toasted coconut donut fromUnion Square Donuts – heaven, moon over the artwork of Clare Gerard (two of the very paintings I had my eye on were purchased right out from under me while I was deciding) and got to meet Erin Gates and her lovely husband as she signed copies of her newly released book Elements of style.  She has a great eye, a fresh design aesthetic, and her book is really wonderful.   I hope one day my own is as authentic and as well put together as hers.  If you haven’t yet purchased it don’t hesitate to skibble on down to the Barnes and Noble or buy it on-line.  You won’t be disappointed.

Support local and shop happy.

Erin Gates author of Elements of Style with yours truly Jackie Falla

Erin Gates author of Elements of Style with yours truly Jackie Falla

Clare Gerard - Etsy

Clare Gerard – Etsy

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