Jazz Up Your Home New Orleans Style

Fritzel's Jazz Pub www.fritzelsjazz.com

Fritzel’s Jazz Pub

Known for its music this hip multi-cultural town will add a little spice to your home decor life.  The French Quarter will knock your French chausettes off with its abundance of fine antiques.  The prices are tres cher so the piece will need to be special – good luck for you -they are.  If its too rich for your budget keep your eyes open at tag sales, flea markets or even estate sales.  When I fall for a piece it really doesn’t matter if it’s authentically antique.  I admire a cracked marble top – it give the piece character and it’s fun to imagine its life before me.  What trouble befell it to allow it to suffer this injustice?  Like that scar on Harrison Ford’s chin – it only makes him, I mean IT, all the more handsome in my eyes.  Another distinct advantage of a flea market find is your ability to alter tis without guilt.  Traditional pieces can be made to sing a different tune when painted an unexpected color, or maintain the traditional exterior and enchant with a dramatic wallpaper to the interior panels, drawers, or shelves.  Whether it delights an audience of one or captivates an entire cocktail party of guests, bringing new life to an old piece is so…..well…optimistic.  Just do it.  Unlike an antique you are creating value with your enhancements.

Rivers Spencer Interiors

Rivers Spencer Interiors

If your taste drifts more toward the contemporary, Magazine Street is a must, and I don’t mean for an hour or two.  Lucky for me, my travel companion who does not share my obsession with design, or sign, shopping, did not arrive until late in the evening giving me six precious hours to wonder in, examine, admire, lust after, snap a few shots, pass out the compliments to these amazing owners like candy on Halloween and get on back to the hotel for the other point of the trip…..Jazz Fest!



Here’s what I found.  All these stores ship and many have robust on-line commerce sites so I did the walking so you can let your fingers do the shopping.

Balzac Antiques . 3506 Magazine St. New Orleans . LA  www.balzacantiques.com

Julie Neill Designs . 3908 Magazine St. New Orleans . LA  www.julieneill.com

Perch . 2844 Magazine St. New Orleans . LA www.perch-home.com

Rivers Spencer Interiors . 3909 Magazine St. LA www.riversspencer.com

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