Not Exactly a Nomad: Temporarily without Home

Open to Possibilities

Open to Possibilities

Saying goodbye to a home is bittersweet.  All that hard work, Preparing to be homeless, well, takes some mental fortitude.  I know the drill.  I’ve done it before.  When you are doggedly focused on a Quest, it is made a little easier.  The frantic activity associated with moving forward while not knowing if you will really move forward is exhausting.  Will the sale go through, pack everything you own anyway.  Make your arrangements, say your good-byes, remember, appreciate, be in the moment of this fantastic whirlwind of a life, knowing that you orchestrated it this way.  No one to cast a judgemental eye toward, and many, many people to thank for their support, advise, council, and understanding.  When the clock struck twelve on Friday afternoon – that home was no longer mine.

I owned it for less than 500 days.  1 year, 4 months, 1 week, 4 days. It’s got a nice rhythm to it.  It felt longer.  Maybe it was the two winters….  I bought it for 639 dollars a foot and sold it for 812 with no broker.  Some argue it was because of the roof deck, but it wasn’t that long ago when the property looked distinctly different (I would argue – ugly) with the same roof deck it has now, and it didn’t sell for that price, so I choose to think that it had something to do with the design.  Illusions have played a significant role in keeping me going over the years and I see no reason to diverge from that course now.  It makes me happy.

Good-bye Jonathan Adler Rio Pendants

Good-bye Jonathan Adler Rio Pendants

My poor bewildered friend and Real Estate Broker, Alan Duggan of Hammond RE was surprised to learn of the sale, and a bit chagrined.  He has many buyers and very few sellers.  I told him not to worry.  We’ll find something in deplorable condition, badly laid out, dirty, decorated with an eye toward the functional rather than the refined, painted a rainbow of uninspired, or any combination of the aforementioned.  They do exist, and that kind of an undertaking is not for the faint of heart.  Eyes wide open dear buyer.

I will see three this weekend and will likely put in an offer.  There is freedom in the temporary nature of the decision.  Unlike the buyer who plans to make their home in the property for years to come, I will only be resting my head there for a short time.  Fixate on it, fix it up, fix to get out.  I know you haven’t forgotten that 3 is the Magic Number.  My design brain is a whirl with possibilities.  Stay posted as it all unfolds and don’t feel sad about Milford Street.  Its new owner promises he loves her and I feel certain he will take very good care of her.

2 down.  8 to go.

Million Dollar View

Million Dollar View

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