Not Quite Sure What We Are?

I’ve never been much for not knowing.  I like to define things.  Like a little kid that feels best when the perimeters are drawn out for them, giving definition to the relationship makes me feel warm and fuzzy.  So you can imagine the state I can put myself in over wondering and waiting to see if my offer will be accepted.  Will I be rich enough, will I be pretty enough, will they end up picking me.  Que sera sera my necktie….I want them to beTHAT into me.

Property 1:  Living

Property 1: Living

 None-the-less, I do need to be prepared for them to say  “I like you, but not enough to sell it to you”.  Having been on the receiving end of that line and other similarly delivered and unwelcome messages, I need to prepare myself for the reality that I may not get it.  After all the heartbreak, you learn, for better or worse, not to give your whole self to the place.  Plenty of time to fall in love once a commitment has been made – even if it’s only a Purchase and Sale.  It’s something.  I don’t need the full “I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you”, just move it forward, keep the momentum going, and little by little, perhaps something special will come of it all.  This Boston marketplace is like being one of hundreds – thousands even, of Bachelorette’s in the hunt for the one “perfect” man.  He’ll receive a lot of offers, but are their intentions in the right place?  My promise is to leave it better than I found it. Even the fiercest competitors don’t always have the best interest of the condo in mind.

I made the acquaintance of three properties in less than 24 hours.  Consider it speed dating of sorts.  You have only moments to make up your mind about whether you’ll hand over all your financial information, and allow “them” to go trawling through your drawers – thankfully my nickers are fifth date prepared.  I can write a check faster than most people can find their keys in the morning.  I’m so adept at it that I was tempted to write several, recalibrating my various scenarios based on the properties perimeters, but apparently like dating three or four men at the same time, it is frowned upon.  Not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, and being cognizant of the legal nature of the contract….one offer will have to do for this weekend, but if it’s not accepted, I’ll be back on the market next weekend.  Make no mistake, I won’t end up alone.

Property 1:  Kitchen

Property 1: Kitchen

Property #1 is in the 8 Street District and is lovely, lovely, lovely.  Admirable proportions, sun splashed private deck, A/C to keep you cool when you overheat, and ample room to splash around in the bath.  At $816.92 a foot, there isn’t a lot of room for improvement.  I was tempted, sorely tempted, to just throw up my feet, rest my head, live my life, leave it alone, but…  I’m nothing if not loyal – I promised you a circus act, and aim to deliver but there has to be something in it for me.

Property #2 is located a little off center of perfect but brings the essence of a Paris neighborhood with its fountains, flowers, finches, and the fine heeled.  While a Parisienne wouldn’t be caught dead living below grade – this Boston gal would consider it.  Two beds, two full baths, A/C, in unit washer and dryer, a patio, and….gasp a parking space make this unit decidedly attractive.

Property 2:  Living Room

Property 2: Living Room

Property #3 is also located on a tree lined street with fountains.  The unit itself had some wonderful opportunities, with its two bedrooms (horribly carpeted), kitchen (boxed in and begging for a sip of air), and “updated” bath, but the exterior of the building was in sad, sad, sad shape.  I want a building with a happy exterior.  I want it tight, and sure, clean, and well kept, I want it to look like someone cared.  Sadly #3 looked neglected, but maybe that foreign graduate student will buy it and pour a boat load of money into it.  One never knows.

My choice was Property #2.  The numbers don’t lie.  At $668. SF – we could be very happy together.  I tendered the offer…I wait with baited breath.  Will I be enough?  I know I am .. will they realize it before it’s too late?

I should be out on a date now, having my pretty dress and sparkling personality admired, but alas I feel honor bound to tell you about one girls quest for survival, inspiration, and an egg to put in that nest of hers. I do hope you appreciate the sacrifice.  The hunt is on my friend, and I plan to be relentless.

Property 3:  Living Room

Property 3: Living Room

To my wonderful boss Lisa Wexler, who encourages and supports this…interesting mission…thank you!

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