Time to Buck Up Buttercup

We’re only a week in and the process has already been hard.  My offer on Property #2 is not strong against their other current offers (yesterday afternoon there were three in addition to my own) and won’t hold.  Today the open house will certainly bring more, and I’m not taking it that well.  Mind you I don’t love this property.  In similar fashion to my Milford Street Condo, it’s not what I lie awake at night dreaming about.  This reality can sometimes be hard for people to appreciate.  Many cannot conceive of a reason I would buy a property I don’t even like.  They know of the Quest, and yet it still seems foreign to them, and some even become angry about it.  As my dear friend Stephanie says – “it’s not my forever place, but it will do for now”.

Waltham Living Room

Waltham Living Room

So why this property when my heart longs for another I saw on Waltham Street yesterday?  Well it’s simple….Property #2 is the safe bet with it’s square foot price and certain return on investment.  It won’t break my heart like Waltham will.  All my longing and wishing for it to be just a tiny bit more accommodating, couldn’t the square foot price be a little more flexible to my needs, won’t change the reality that it will let me down?  The kitchen requires renovation, the floors need refinishing, the windows need replacement or a brilliant carpenter to replace sills and make some necessary repairs to keep the water out.  Funny how something you can absolutely adore can also be the bane of your existence.  I’m still scared from my last water encounter and am proceeding with extreme caution.  It doesn’t change the reality that I was up in the middle of the night again for three hours pining away for Waltham and asking myself how far I’ll go on my revised offer to get #2.  I’m starting to resent it already for not being as cute, fun, and interesting as Waltham, and yet I know that when the going gets tough Waltham will leave me in the lurch.  What to do?

Waltham Bedroom

Waltham Bedroom

I won’t give up on Property #2 yet.  I’ll push that resentment down into my toes, put a smile on my face and offer, gulp – a lot more.  I’ll worry all day long, waiting for the 8 pm decision and phone call, most certainly ruining my day in the process.  I hate not being in control, but what can I do?  Waiting patiently was never a strong point.  Will you wait with me?

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