The Heart Wants…

Waltham Encore

Waltham Encore

All I can say is I am a girl and as such, am entitled to change my mind.  I withdrew my offer on Property #2 as word of the feeding frenzy came across the wire to me.  More bids than I can now remember, offers that make its original asking price laughable, flowed in.  I simply couldn’t imagine bidding more than $150K over asking for a garden level unit that was a bit musty, needed new doors and hardware, and both bathrooms needed to be gutted. They should call it what it is – an auction, opening offers begin at…. Someone felt differently though.   I hope now that they have “won” it they are not having buyers remorse. I am reminded of how many times I convinced myself that I couldn’t leave without that $1500. pair of shoes.  You know the ones, they make you taller, thinner, more beautiful and confident.  Life changing.  Alas, they DO change your life – but not for the better.  An expensive mistake to make, but it pales in comparison to spending too much on a house.

Resolute in my decision to abandon #2 I turned my attention back to Waltham.  I tried to close my heart to it, ignore the fact that I breathed easier in the space, that it made me feel happy.  I tried, but not that hard.  I put in an offer – again, not a crazy one, and learned that four others had done the same.  Sadly this quest ended with a phone call at 8pm on Monday night saying….thanks for shopping at our open house, better luck next time.

2nd Times a Charm?

2nd Times a Charm?

It’s really too early in the process to start using cliques about what’s meant to be will be, but….I’m feeling like a platitude here or there might be in order.  I visited three properties so far this weekend, with another three on deck for tomorrow.  It’s funny that I seem to be revisiting the same streets Concord Square, Waltham and a third on Harrison Avenue.  I am preparing an offer for Waltham Street that by all rights is outrageous.   Don’t try and talk me out of it.  I am absolutely going to do it.  Come Monday there may be tears, a temper tantrum or both but lucky for you I will have recovered my composure by the time I sit down to write next weeks posts.

For all you Catholics out there, you know the power of St. Anthony.  I have lost my home and need his help in finding a new one.  Renew my hope in this marketplace, and if a home cannot be mine this weekend provide me the strength and peace of mind to make it to the next.  I accept any and all prayers from you for the same.

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