Batten Down the Hatches: The Boston Residential Buying Seas are rough.

But where, after all, would be the poetry of the sea, were there no wild waves?  Joshua Slocum

Joshua Slocum - Adventure in his bones.

Joshua Slocum – Adventure in his bones.

This Captain knew that there was beauty in the pursuit and ugliness. That there would be times of deep loneliness when the fog rolled in, blanketing you in its mist, and blinding you to any possible positive outcome.  To be that first lonely soul to sail the world solo, to battle the Straight of Magellan, his tiny craft being pushed back again and again, seemingly insistent that he would be denied access to that which he wanted so much…passage through that narrow windy corridor, separating Atlantic from Pacific and North America from South.

While my struggle has been a formidable one, I am awed at the fortitude and determination that he must have had, drawing from the deepest depths within, to be the first, to show the world, well it’s nothing short of extraordinary.   It makes this thing I am trying to do seem silly in comparison.  It’s my stormy sea, it’s my thick fog, and it’s my knowledge that this storm too shall pass, that has me white knuckling the tiller.  Rest assured, I will not give up the helm – at least not today.

Worcester Square - Crying out for attention.

Worcester Square – Crying out for attention.

Enough of all that philosophizing, though I do appreciate your indulgence, after a week of two more offers, and two more cash buyers, the wind momentarily taken out of my sails, I needed to vent.  22 Worcester Square had seemed so promising.  It had been on the market for 3 weeks – in Boston’s South End that mine as well be three years.  Something was definitely not right.  I had known of the property but my attentions were elsewhere.  I don’t regret the decision to look on Waltham, where the sun always seems to shine, but it may have cost me the opportunity.  A price reduction generated themuch needed activity (the disappearance of all the Waltham properties may have helped) and the offers started to come.  In need of a lot of work, thismuch loved home had been lived in for 18 years, and needed a little investment.  I estimated that $80 – $100K would have done the trick.  As the saying goes – my money was no good there.  Highest offer – ME, lost out to cash. I was devastated, my voice wobbled as I reported that it was ok, and a tear attempted to escape.  Not having the benefit of the driving rain to hide those tears, I pulled them below decks and bit my lip.

Rutland Square - Well Done.

Rutland Square – Well Done.

Remember when my roof was leaking like a sieve and I talked about the importance of resiliency?  Here we go again, I got my check book right back out and made another offer on Rutland Square.  A property that didn’t need my help at all – way to go The Abbey Group.  You do beautiful work, and the owner respected and cared for it.  It was a symbolic offer – one to gather data, and stay engaged.  It expired last night at 10pm.  Though I was in the numbers ballpark.  I seem to have that battened down tight, I sadly have not changed my cash offer status.  You guessed it – two cash offers.  I think it’s hurting the Sellers ability to get the best price frankly.  But people are risk adverse, and if security is your number one priority you are going to go for it every time, likely pushed by your Broker who wants to assure the sale.  Au Revoir – Rutland.

That makes FIVE for any of you that have lost count.  FIVE times I have been pushed back by the gale force winds of cash that are coming over the bow of this South End ship like the storm will never abate.  But I know it must.

I will wait until the last responsible minute to put in an offer on another Waltham property.  It’s so sad, and in need of my love and attention.  The storm for it has been long too, and it’s time to pull it into dry dock and get to work.

I’ll keep tacking through the Straight.

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