Lucky Number Seven

And so the sun does shine.  But not before the wind attempted to push me further back with its gusty blows of discouragement nearly turning me toward the rental market.  That wretched thought makes me shiver.  Admittedly I did have to talk myself down and think of how much fun I’d have designing and decorating once it was mine.  Everyone has there happy place – fabric, paint, furniture, even a tiny little stool will bring a smile to my face.

Number 6

Number 6

Number 6 on Waltham Street was not to be.  Cash buyer – offering more than me this time won out. It needed a ton of work and ironically I wouldn’t go higher because the square foot price was already outrageous.  You’ll learn the irony soon.  I suspect if you’ve been paying attention you get the drift – I like Waltham Street a lot, in my defense there have not been any properties worth putting forth a bid, on the other streets in the Eight Street District.  For those of you unfamiliar – we create sub-neighborhoods within neighborhoods – if there is a way to squeak out additional exclusivity, well, I guess people will find it.  Mind you, I am not snobbish about it, just desperate to build some financial security so one day I’ll be able to stay.  I’m not wistful about that day – In fact at this point I still can’t imagine a time when I won’t crave a new project, but as Robert Frost so beautifully penned…

there are miles to go before I sleep

Robert Frost

Robert Frost

While Number 6 was in play I had a chance to bid on a property on Upton Street, which I did not take. I really liked it, it had loads of opportunity though it looked really nice in the photos, the building itself was in really rough shape.  Strange as it was 100% Owner occupied.  Something just had me back away, maybe it was Waltham Street again – who knows.  I tell this story so you will not think that the cash buyers follow me around like a dark cloud all over town.  We’ve got a storm system developing over Waltham Street again, it’s going to start pouring cash… there were times I felt like I was the only one without an umbrella.  Not so, there was a frenzy over Upton, bad building aside, and 8 offers rolled in, two cash, and it went for $100K over asking – yowza.

I’ve always liked the number 7, it’s a bit of a cliche but I don’t care because it is indeed lucky.  Another Waltham Street property, the fourth for which I placed a bid, and at long last the clouds have parted and the sky is blue.  I am allowing myself a moment to bask in the sun, just a moment though.

Number 7 - What a view

Number 7 – What a view

There is a long way to go before this deal is closed.  I offered a downright absurd amount per square foot, an amount that may simply not appraise out and could result in a tearful good-bye, but I’m in it now and will see it through.  Why would I do this you ask when I have been ranting on and on about the SF not penciling out on so many other deals?  Three words . love . faith . gumption.  jump in, the water is nice.  I think I’ll take myself to the beach tomorrow to celebrate.

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