Let’s Get Designing

I know it’s not yet mine, and that it may not even come to be, but I absolutely can’t resist beginning to conjure up a plan for making this new place decidedly me.  I see no reason to hold back, I can value engineer later – now every high-end gadget, every luxe fabric, all the latest in back painted glass systems with integrated flat screen televisions,

Back Painted Glass Wall www.archiexpo.com

Back Painted Glass Wall http://www.archiexpo.com

tiles in every color of the rainbow, to stain, to bleach, to pickle, to paint, to cover, to hide, blur, obscure, or showcase – the sky is the limit and I feel giddy over it.

Sharp lines, crazy angles, and lots of distraction.

Sharp lines, crazy angles, and lots of distraction.

As this is a penthouse unit my plans for moldings and intricate painting schemes must get tucked into a drawer for later use.  The pitched roof, dormers, jigs and jogs of the ceiling make this clean lined, symmetry loving gal go a little bonkers.  Fortunately I have some experience with this as 19 Milford Street was also a penthouse unit and it was similarly ceiling challenged. Boy did I trouble over that mess but in the end found a way to make it bend to my will without being inauthentic.  I have every confidence that Waltham Street will comply, perhaps with some initial resistance, but later learn to love my controlling ways, and be happier that we’ve made one another’s acquaintance.

Typically I start with the low hanging fruit – paint scheme, floors, ceilings, walls, and then move to the more complex challenges of the space – what to do with the kitchen which is an extension of the living room.  One of the reasons to begin with color palette is the proximity of one space to another in small units.  They must harmonize or leave visitors and guests feeling ill at ease, and more importantly the Owner sans Shui.  As I hate being without my Feng, this particular challenge will be analyzed every way from Sunday until I breathe easy over the decision.  I know just how I would do it if I were going to use one of my beloved grays, but as I have committed to going in another direction, color introspection will take up a good portion of my mind space for the next few weeks.



The kitchen is interesting and has good bones or so goes my recollection.  I have a good visual memory, but 4 minutes of viewing, no sketches, and limited photography only allow for broad brush interpretations and judgments.  I know I recorded every detail, but my system for retrieval isn’t as highly tuned.  No worries, I will be back Thursday to gather more data.  I do think that I will replace the counter tops, tile the entire back wall so that it is a feature to be appreciated as one sits sipping wine in the living room.  It’s easy to get dramatic in small spaces, and just as easy to go overboard.  I’ll work on tempering that.

The bathroom – what to do.  I’ve never had a two bed before, which has always freed me up to rip out the tub and create a sublime and sleek shower with glass wall.  I love it and love how grand it makes 39 tiny square feet feel.  It’s a haven, and a present to myself as when I was little I thought I was going to be a princess, but instead I am a pack mule.  A few minutes to yourself in a place of beauty is very restorative and the next best thing to a romp in nature.  My inclination here is to install the shower, but a little voice in the back of my mind says, what if a couple with a little baby moves in – won’t they need that bath.  I’m certainly not selfish so I will give equal consideration today, tomorrow, and all the days leading up to the closing, to this important decision.

Now I must be off.  There are books I must feverishly pour over and magazines I must rip to shreds in creating my story boards.  Happy Sunday.

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