Inspiring Minds Want to Know: Which way will this design go?

I know I’d like to have a better idea.  My visual memory isn’t as sharp as I would like it to be.  I’ve seen too many detective shows to know that an eye witness account means next to nothing.  My four minutes here and half hour there have not solidified the nuances of the space in my mind – let alone all the actual dimensions which will be required to renovate until my hearts content, or at least as far as my wallet will allow.  Photos help, but I know myself pretty well, living in the space brings me to a place of understanding, that a snap of a photo or measuring tape, and a quick pop in, never will.

photo 4 (5)

The title of my book to be – My Life in Sawdust, wouldn’t mean much if I didn’t actually live in the place throughout the renovation.  I can and have taken it pretty far, squirreling my way around boxes and through plastic barriers, in search of a dust covered Louboutin – a grounding force in a chaotic half built existence.  Rising early to meet with the builder before making my way to the gym where hot running water and free shampoo await.  Who’s to be any the wiser that a workout didn’t precede my use of the facilities.  Nowhere in my contract did it say that my $160. required sweet at the actual gym before availing myself to all the amenities of the well stocked locker room.  Not the least of which is the aforementioned hot running water and sawdust free towels.  As Kasey Musgraves says to all those nosy people out there:

mind your own biscuits.

If I do in fact renovate this bathroom, that is where I will draw the line and vacate.  Time will tell.  I have been giving serious consideration to a nautical color scheme.

Gloss brings glamour.

Gloss brings glamour.

This should be no surprise to those that have been following my journey.  I am a Cape Cod girl.  Of course I have no interest in creating a beach house inside a City brownstone, but I have been inspired by the elegance of a deep, deep navy blue, set off against the purest of whites, with glamorous accents of gold, and plenty of reflective surfaces.  I love a high gloss paint on an interior door.  It whistles wealth, but is really one of the best design bangs for your buck.  A little space demands a big bang, and this girl is intent on getting it.  Look at that sparkle.

I am troubling over the bay window in the living room between the dormers.  The built-ins were undoubtedly installed with all good aesthetic and functional intentions, and are speaking to me, but what they are saying is remove me.  I am giving some thought to treating it like the bow of a boat, doing a lovely curved wood-paneled wall on either side to ensure the light is invited in.

Steering this ship in the right direction.

Steering this ship in the right direction.

I’d create hidden doors at the front for storage.  In my last place the shop vacuum sat just outside the Powder Room until my final moments of habitation, when I unceremoniously abandoned it on the sidewalk.  Don’t think me cruel, I feel certain it was adopted immediately.  Judge if you will but don’t lose site of the real lesson here – storage in the city is king, and this queen bee is going to make sure the new place has plenty of it.

I do love strong colors, but neutral they are not.  I know I entertained the idea of a pink living room but this space will not support that level of girliness.  It’s lines are too sharp. photo 3 (10) I have also been very drawn to the Palm and Banana Leaf prints, papers and schemes a la Beverly Hills Hotel, but I’ve never really been a green person.  I worry I will be asking myself incessantly, what was I thinking?  I think we’ll take another look at it tomorrow.  Until then, think Navy, Gold, and White.  I’ll happily receive your thoughts.

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