Superficial: The Surfaces Get a Bad Rap

They have the ability to awe and inspire, reflect light and mirror reflection, surround, envelope. or cast aside.  They have power, and lasting impact. So why does a hard stone, mirrored glass, rich wood, or cool metal not run deep?  In my humble opinion anything that wraps around the contours of a space and is ever-present should be granted the courtesy of its depth.  So today I pay a little homage to the glitz and glamour, the rough hune wood, the prickly grass cloth, the powdery velvet of stone, a tactile individual’s delight.

Finding your glamours side

Finding your glamours side

Elsie De Wolfe Said:  “I believe in plenty of optimism and white paint.”

The fabulous Elsie De Wolfe

The fabulous Elsie De Wolfe

An interior designer, actress and writer among her many talents, she was certainly entitled to her opinion.  Me, I believe in a healthy skepticism, and gray paint, but now and again a color captivates my imagination and pleads to be placed against a stark white so it can be truly appreciated.  This beautiful green, the gold surfaces, the pureness of stone and glass – this is just such a case, Elsie was right.  She also said “Be pretty if you can, be witty if you must, be gracious if it kills you”, and really ….. who could argue with that?

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