Slip Sliding Away

Paul Simon was right –

you know the nearer your destination…the more you’re slipslidin’ away.

Four properties came on the market this week that show real promise.

I would have ripped out that build-in in a hot second...and then felt bad about it.

I would have ripped out that build-in in a hot second…and then felt bad about it.

A veritable windfall for the summer and here I sit, uncertain whether or not to bid.  It was a battle to get to see them before I had to leave Saturday morning for work.  One broker flat out refused – no showings until Sunday.  They have their reasons, but surely they are not in my interest.  One other agreed after much begging and a few tears. The other two wisely held Friday open houses: as it’s summer, most people are out of town on the weekends, and it’s in the seller’s interest to have Friday and Saturday showings during this time.

The Upton Street property I liked very much.

That molding brings tears to my eyes.

That molding brings tears to my eyes.

Beautiful Parlor Level floor through, with architectural detail galore, A/C and a parking spot.  The trouble is it was priced high and it didn’t need much attending to.  How much could one expect to get for a one bedroom?  I think it’s already dangerously close.  The Hanson Street property was also very cute, and also over priced.  While some touches could be made to it here and there, I would have felt the guilt as I ripped out the perfectly good built-ins that were absolutely not to my taste,and replaced that cliche of a granite counter top and already looking dated back splash (I am sure they were both new).  It’s funny because both these properties could not have stood up to this pricing three weeks ago: too much competition for places that were in better shape and/or had two bedrooms.  Today is another day, though, and I am certain they will be go for over asking.  The last of the group is a different story.  Warren Avenue was in rough shape.  Both the building and the unit.  It surely had some upside potential and was very large for a one bed, but, again, the asking price left little room to move after an estimated investment of $80K.

If budget and time were on my side....this would have been mine.

If budget and time were on my side….this would have been mine.

So here I sit, no offers in, the Pembroke Property open house having come and gone without my eyes on it.  On paper it was the most attractive.  A profit, albeit a small one, could have been squeaked out…..but site unseen is a dangerous proposition.

Sadness.  This is beginning to feel even harder than the Boston dating market.  Who knew?

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