Tangled Up in Blue

As long as I can remember, blue was my hue.  Whatever the ocean can dream up based on time of day, year, weather condition or geography – I warm to what it produces.  My latest obsession is a deep dark navy, so blue it is almost black.  I envision it splashed across a living room wall, softened by a curtain that references the different moods of the sea and me.  Accented with gold, it brings city sophistication, with chrome its at home near the beach.

Soir dans la ville.

Soir dans la ville.

Double Duty

Double Duty

Just a few subtle changes – a canvas slip cover instead of plush velvet, a light fixture that is silly not serious – allows this color palette to transition from one local to another with ease.  While it’s not possible to be all things to all people – no one is enamored with a one-dimensional gal – be prepared to get a little sand in your shoes and clean up for cocktails in the city with this pairing.

Surfs Up

Surfs Up

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