The Problem with Plans…..

…is that they change, of course, and one must be prepared to roll with that reality.  Discouragement and doubt can start to lap at your ankles, it’ll work its way up to your knees and then make its way to your eyeballs if you let it.

Proud to be...

Proud to be…

Fortunately for me, I am Irish and practiced at pushing it down to my toes and with, great determination, keeping it there.  That’s just what I did when I signed the Purchase and Sale yesterday for my 9th attempt at a property in the South End.  Oh, I made concessions.  You didn’t think I was going to get a property, sans cash, without agreeing to a host of unreasonable conditions, with a smile on my face and feigned gratefulness, did you? Certainly not.  One of the many concessions includes an extended closing – November 2nd to be exact.  Lordy, that’s a long time from now.  While I am revealing all of the less favorable, anxiety-inducing aspects of the acquisition, I should say that this Waltham Street Condo doesn’t need to be renovated.  Not at all.  Typically, I can find something to change – perhaps when I have spent more than 20 minutes in the apartment I will discover it needs my help after all.  But right now, I am signing on for a property that doesn’t need to be renovated, at an outrageously high square foot price.  This, if you have been following along, IS NOT at all what I planned to do.

Live in this room ... no doubt

Live in this room … no doubt

Now for the good news: its ridiculously beautiful.  It screams elegance and excess with its architectural detail of a time gone by.  Thirteen foot ceilings and floor to ceiling windows refuse to allow you to feel hemmed in, making the 800 sf feel grand.  It’s fancy and as my nephew Sam likes to say….Aunt Jackie is fancier.  It’s true I report to you unapologetically – my City-Self is fancy, which seems absolutely appropriate.  If you can’t be fancy in your city – find another city.

Oh La La

Oh La La

All that being said, I am going to have to redouble my efforts to find another flippable property, convince friends, relatives, acquaintances – whomever has cash, and will be persuaded to fall in love with my plan. Acquiescing to my will is essential to my success.  It’s for their own good.  They have money and I want to help them spend it…..I mean invest it.

So dear followers – don’t throw your hands up in disgust and make some hasty determination to break-up with me.  We may not know one another terribly well at this point, but I am tenacious.  Plans will always get interrupted, sidetracked, run aground.  I’ll reset the course, right the ship, and continue to flip.  Keep your feet in my corner.  Your support is like a warm summer day after a wretched winter.

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