Is it the Quest or Is it the Nest?

I do love the achievement of a goal.  Some scientists believe that the sustained commitment to a goal is what leads to happiness.



Zen Buddhist’s live in the notion that being present, living in the moment, bringing mindful attention to the task at hand brings clarity and happiness. What I like about the Quest for the Nest is that it is both these things.  Mindful in that the quest is happening all the time, teaching me to appreciate being in it – it is in and of itself, an arrival.  The homes along the way, those that have been completed (an achievement of a goal) and those yet to be (the striving) represent satisfaction in having committed to and to having achieved something, which was hard and worthwhile.  Are the Quest and the Nest in opposition to one another?  I think not.  I see a beautiful and symbiotic relationship between the two, and the fun in it all.

Is it uncool to be excited?  Maybe, and I don’t care.  I love exploring colorways, imagining textures, and materials, billowing curtains framing out the stately windows, light fixtures that are enormous, dramatic, dazzling, selecting furnishings that demand attention, and are the undisputed stars in the room.  This daydreaming is the stuff of life for me. It surprises and delights me.  Some version of it will arrive on the stage, something will be left undone, something will be better than I could have envisioned, and some mistakes will be happy ones.

This hobby of mine brings me immense pleasure.  My mind is awash with possibilities for this Parisian-style Pad.

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