Ma Vie en Rose

Who wouldn’t want their life to be in pink.  To be “tickled pink” is to be very pleased.  To be “in the pink” in top form.  It is the color associated with charm, love, beauty, sweetness, sensitivity, tenderness, youth, and romance.  It whispers the promise of a new day, when you’ve been barraged by the sound of too many voices, honking of horns, and the general cacophony of life.  It soothes…and draws you in with its feminine charms.

Ma Vie En Rose

Audrey Hepburn said “I believe in Pink”  Picaso had his pink period, and Elizabeth Taylor fell off her pink cloud.  While falling off the cloud doesn’t sound so great, having one in the first place seems pretty fabulous. And so is the color pink.  I love it’s softness.  It’s pretty and there is certainly a place for pretty in this messy, dirty, chaotic life of mine.  I feel the need to find a place for pink in my new home, but where?  Living room, no that will be deep midnight blue, kitchen, absolutement, non, bedroom maybe though I have done it before, bathroom is a possibility though I don’t want it to feel like Lilly Pulitzer with it’s green tiles…somewhere though.  Perhaps hidden in the closets of the bedroom.

Just five days until my long awaited, and much needed vacation in Nantucket.  Perhaps I will find the answer in the sunset at Galley Beach.  It’s a shooting star of a view.

pink whale

I know that happiness cannot be traveled to, but if it could, you might find it on Nantucket Island.  At the very least, I plan on having a whale of a time.

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