Note to Self: Simplicity Works

The Cottages at the Boat Basin, Nantucket

The Cottages at the Boat Basin, Nantucket

It’s lovely to see a home or apartment with perfect moldings, fine finished floors, all the paint between the lines. I strive for that in my own homes.  I am reminded here, in The Cottages at the Boat Basin, that in the end that isn’t necessarily what makes the overall experience a good one.  Zena’s Coffin is a little crooked, its floor slopes toward the back corner, finding there lowest point in the tub in the bath. The exposed beams – I mean 2 x 4’s, the simple louver doors that transmit every whisper of a conversation, painted masonite board walls, it doesn’t exactly scream luxury, and yet it is.  These little wharf cottages have the perfect layout.  The economy of space is proof that two beds, a bath, a kitchen and living room all fit into 450SF.  Amazing.

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So what’s the trick?  Everything is kept immaculately clean.  The bed linens are 800 plus thread count and feel as soft as a baby’s toy bunny.  The pillows are pleasantly plump, and there are plenty.  The bath towels are plush, and again, they aren’t stingy with them.  There are few things worse than worrying about whether you’ll have a clean towels.  At this base camp we started with four travelers, and when a last minute guest found their way from NYC via the new ferry service, we made room for a fifth. Plenty of room and the pull out sofa – already made up in similar luxurious fashion meant that are last minute guest felt perfectly at home.

I hate to decamp, but this was just a layover to our next destination, our rental home for the week.  You didn’t think I would stay in one place for long – even on a vacation – did you?bb6

I’ll miss the Boat Basin.  For me, it’s the heart of the island.  To run up and down the docks, to be free from supervision, to feel light, and happy, and full of possibility….who wouldn’t love this place?

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