In the Mood

8 India GalleryIan Mood is an English artist whose found his way to Nantucket.  Here he passes his days painting the sea and the sky.   Having studied the sky at great length, its cumulus and wispy clouds, stormy, dark and foreboding, it’s bright blue, its vivid pinks, and shades of violet, midnight, and all the colors in between.  I can understand his fascination with the subject matter.  His brilliance is expressed most vividly in his ability to capture the essence of a cloud. I think back to my childhood drawings.  Landscapes that depicted clouds like bales of cotton candy, pasted on the page.  My appreciation for the mastery he exhibits in representing the same, grows proportionally in sharp contrast to my infantile attempts – happy though they may have been.  If you have a similar love affair with the sky, and the shimmer and movement of the ocean, I encourage you to stop by Robert Foster Fine Art . 8 India Street . Nantucket.


Ian’s talent comes with a tag – not so hefty for many of the visitors that come to the island, but for me….not possible at the moment.  My mortgage broker has me on restriction until my deal is done….those regulations can really cramp my style.  Poor me.


His paintings range from $800. for a small 6″ x 6″ to $8000. for larger 32″ x 40″.  If that isn’t in the cards for you, I would like to say again, as I did in an earlier post – create your own art.  It’s fun, packed full of personality – yours – and hopefully will elicit wonderful memories.  I plan to send a number of photos I have taken on my trip here, off to Big Acrylic where they will make them look like they were dipped in lucite and ready to hang.

Everything in its time Mr. Mood.  One of yours will be mine.  Everything in its time.

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