The Sound of Music

Two Little Birds

Two Little Birds

I awoke this morning to the sound of a little bird singing a song and the fog horn sounding as the ferry-boat entered the harbor.  It was so sweet and calming.  I often think that if I had a soundtrack that followed me through my day it would be decidedly more pleasant.  I could pull myself along to the beat of a song through the traffic, on my morning run, hard at work at the computer in search of inspiration and the perfect combination of words intent on eliciting a “yes”.  Music has such powerful qualities:  to jog a memory, pump up your energy level, help you drift off to sleep at night.  It makes a party better, road trip bearable, a day at the beach – well you get the picture.  All this got me to thinking about my apartment to be, and sound systems.  I’ve never had an integrated sound system in one of my homes.  So fancy.

Soundtrack of my life...

Soundtrack of my life…

The architectural details that abound in my new place have me reticent about doing anything too invasive – though I know a great electrician can make it virtually impossible to detect the locations in which they entered and snaked the wiring.  Still I am a bit hesitant. I know too that the advances in technology make your television a sound system in its own right.  With the use of sound bars connected to your TV you can create a theater like entertainment experience for music, movies, gaming – if you do that sort of thing – and programs.  Sadly, my set isn’t that sophisticated.  Without a man in my life, I continue to happily use my “non-smart” flat screen television set.  I know I would never be allowed to keep such a thing if I was consciously coupled, until that day is upon me, and/or that flat screen doesn’t survive another move, it’s staying.  So, I’ll need to find another way.

Bose SoundTouch

Bose SoundTouch

Bose has a wireless Soundtouch System which is designed to transmit sound throughout your house via your wifi.  This sounds like it’s right up my alley as it allows you to manage your existing music, and access other internet radio stations like Pandora or Spotify.  At just $350. the SoundTouch 20 Series II, and control panels for multiple rooms available at additional cost.  I can see myself marching to the beat of my own drum.

Today my soundtrack will include Zac Brown’s Toes in the Water….

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