Paris is always a good idea….

Paris Map

Paris Map

I couldn’t agree more, and when I realized it had been six whole years since I visited it last, I got right on my computer and booked a trip.  Brahima, my French tutor thinks that I am not ready, mais Je suis pret.  If I spent this life waiting for things to be perfect, I suppose I would never do anything at all, so off I go, to the City of Lights, in search of a sputnik chandelier to cast its Parisian luminary brilliance on the likes of 94 Waltham.  The first time I visited Paris I was 19, off to see my sister Mary Beth who was studying for the year in France.  Her French is enviable, even after all these years.  She has a real knack for the idiomatic phrases and has tricked many a native into thinking she is one of their own.  Perhaps her greatest French feat is achieved by saying nothing at all.  She is perfectly Parisian when she emits a puff of air through pursed lips, shrugs her shoulders, and glares at you with total disdain.

Tear Drop Glass Sputnik Venfield - 1st Dibs

Tear Drop Glass Sputnik Venfield – 1st Dibs

How very French.  Tant Pis, I would be happy if I could just properly conjugate my verbs.  I don’t even pine for all the tenses to be correct, just give me present, future, and past.  That about covers what I’ve done and plan to do in the future.  I don’t need any of the imperfects – I’ve got that cornered.

My second visit was when I toured Europe at 22 with my good friend Kim.  Then came 3rd, 4th, and 5th trips, discovering something new, my own tastes evolving and solidifying:  culinary delights, fashion – the seemingly effortlessly chic style of woman and men alike (we will arrive at the tail end of Paris Fashion Week), and ah, the architecture and design.  C’est magnifique, non?  For me it is, it’s just magnificent.

BJ: Not so secret treasure

BJ: Not so secret treasure

I have booked an absolutely divine boutique hotel in the 6th arrondissement.  I was scolded for divulging its name in an earlier post as a friend who travels frequently considers it a hidden jewel, for which she would like to keep secret.  Alas, I will not apologize.  I have been admiring its design for sometime now.  When you are passionate about something the universe brings it to you.  So it was meant to be you see, and anyone that follows me is entitled to know too.  Dig a few posts back – Ma Vie En Rose will reveal the name.

Boulangerie Malineau . Paris

Boulangerie Malineau . Paris

While I adore a pain au chocolat or a pot de creme, and fear not, I will indulge because everyone knows that there simply isn’t anything that you can eat while in France that will make you gain a pound, the trip will be largely about the FLEE MARKETS!  Horah for shopping!

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