If You Must Hide: Hide in Nature

1956 a Good Year

1956 a Good Year

Hidden Pond is located in the deep woods of Kennebunkport, Maine. Lodge, Spa, retreat, Restaurant, Hiking, Biking, Yoga, Beach, Pool.  It goes on and on, and yet none of it feels overwhelming.  It feels perfect.  Open from May through October, the bungalows are tucked sympathetically into the landscape, giving you just enough privacy from your neighbors to feel like you are in your own secret enclave, while still having a host of amenities just a short walk away.  Reverence for the natural setting abounds.  As I sit poolside I watch butterflies and dragonflies, flutter past, the gentle curve and bend of a Birch Tree stretches to gently touch its neighbor, the leaves on the trees twist and bob, dancing in the breeze.  It is serene, it is organic, it is a reminder …to breathe, just breathe, it will all work out exactly as it is intended to.

Hidden Pond Kennebunkport . Maine

Hidden Pond Kennebunkport . Maine

My short stay for a work retreat didn’t allow me to explore all the wonders of this special place, but it warrants a return visit.  My French Green Mud Body Wrap at Tree’s Spa pulled those wretched toxins from the core of my being, leaving me scrubbed, polished, and shined, inside and out.  What a happy occasion when one leaves purer than when they arrived…frankly I can’t remember another time I felt that way.  Even confession has a way of leaving me feeling a bit dirtier and wracked with guilt.  Isn’t it supposed to absolve you?  If you feel similarly, just visit Tree’s, your conscience will be clean as a whistle.  A dip in the salt water pool always does a body good if you require one more ritualistic washing away of residual evil.



A final and resounding nod to Ken Oringer’s Earth Restaurant.  My work affords me the opportunity to dine at the finest restaurants regularly.  One must be careful when they eat out all the time not to overdue it.  Last night, I threw caution to the wind, and sampled a little of nearly everything.  I started with green beans (don’t laugh they were beyond spectacular and I would eat them everyday without reservation or longing for something more – they were my favorite of the night), oysters on the half shell with cucumber and lemon – divine washed down with a mouthful of Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque, A beef tartar, a sereno pepper, a balsamic glazed tomato from the garden outside, crab toast, foie gras, mouth-watering pasta, beef short ribs, and a glazed donut with fresh strawberries and cream.  He’s a food genius.

I leave you on that tantalizing note.  Visit soon.

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