Serious About Shopping

In New York City most things are taken seriously, even those things that are meant to be fun, ridiculous, or pushing the limits of outrageous.  I slide right into the frenetic throng of humanity with my map, plan, and insider guide (my sister Mary Beth).  A 15 year veteran of Manhattan, a technology guru, and an ardent city walker combing the neighborhoods as a favorite pastime, shops of every make and model are revealed to her, and by association me.  What a happy coincidence we share a fashion and furnishings …. well let’s just call a spade a spade….it’s an obsession.

Weekends go by so quickly, and even though NYC is a place where you can get just about anything, getting from the Lower East Side to the Upper, Tribeca, to the West Village or Soho can swallow up precious time.  I like to tackle themes and hoods.  Soho was the center of my Saturday, but excess is in order here, so I also went uptown to visit Bergdorf, and then Time Square to take in a show at the Palace Theater.  My recommendations for Furnishings and Art in Soho:

Jean Philippe Piter . Karina Surf at Click

Jean Philippe Piter . Karina Surf at Click

Calypso St. Barth . Home

407 Broome Street . NYC .


255 Center Street . NYC

Coming Soon

37 Orchard Street . NYC


88 Grand Street . NYC


Gabriel Scott

372 Broome Street . NYC


John Derian Company

6 East 2nd Street . NYC

While the shops certainly offer plenty of inspiration for home, to my mind, the street is equally rich.  Vibrancy and creativity abound.  Soak it in, revel in the energy, find a spot to observe the world unfold before your eyes.  Whether you leave with arms laden with shopping bags, a U-Haul full of furniture, or an empty wallet and a smile on your face, you are sure to have been provoked.  A feeling, and idea, a new direction.  This city moves, shakes, and jostles – this is a good thing.

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