Mirror . Mirror on the Wall

Or the ceiling, as a backsplash, a decorative element on furnishings or built-ins, or resting on the floor to ensure you don’t exit the house without a head to toe appraisal and confirmation that nothing has gone amiss with your outfit.  This last use, a brutal lesson I wish I had not learned the hard way.  So it goes.  Even though I am in total support of the skinny mirror and similar illusions that build ones confidence and send you off in the world with your best foot forward, one must never look unkempt.  I could delve deep into this self-reflective rant, but this blog is all about home, so we’ll reflect on that instead.

reflective surfaces

The use of mirrors or “looking glasses” can be traced back all the way to the BC’s – that’s Before Christ so it was obviously a super long time ago.  In addition to providing a surface in which to gaze at a close approximation of you, an approximation because plaine mirrors provide a laterally inverted image, thus the term “mirror image”, they have speical powers.  Among these powers they can create the illusion of space, cast light in dramatic and wonderful ways, and add a little sparkle to an otherwise drab room.  The expansive nature of a wall that is mirrored is fascinating to me.

Trina Turk . Palm Springs . Kelly Wearstler Design

Trina Turk . Palm Springs . Kelly Wearstler Design

From the strictly decorative to the highly practical, no home should be without.  And when I say be without, I mean without either type.  Tuck that utalitarian looking glass on the interior of a closet door or make it decorative by incorporating it into the panel on the exterior, back of the bedroom door, on the floor, wherever you can find a suitable place to make sure you don’t exit and later face disgrace, get that mirror in there.  That taken care of the decorative applications can unfold in a way that suits your personality best.  A few of my favorties are captured here in this post.

Mirror mirror

Who would you say is the farest of them all?

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