It’s a Jungle Out There

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise

Does it feel a little daring to consider the use of animals or animal motifs in your design?  Does the thought of a cheetah print send shivers up your spine?  Does it all seem just a little too divine?  It need not be.  From the traditional to the contemporary.  The use of actual animals, albeit stuffed, to the broad interpretation of one.  The hint of a leopard spot, the inferred texture of a gator, lizard, giraffe, or other tactile delight, could be just the eroticism for which your home design has been on the hunt.



Not one to collect a wall of porcelain figurines or insist that every room, shoe, or bag be adorned with a signature animal print, I like all that the animal kingdom has to offer none-the-less.  I am surprised be the use of color in turning that scary to playful, and the prissy to refined.  While I would never consider my style old world traditional there is something so attractive to me about a chinoiserie a la Aunt Prudence’s house that I simply can’t deny, and why should I?

Monkey See

Monkey See

The beauty of this motif is that there really is something for everyone here.  From the baby’s room, to the living room, the hunting lodge to the powder room, I recommend inviting a little pet from the wild adorn the walls, floor, or at the very least a unobtrusive objet d’art.  Unleash your wild.

It’s a jungle out there

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