The Polished Side of Preppy

I bet you didn’t know I had a little of that preppy in me.  I haven’t dared let it come out of hiding in my past homes. The tiniest hint of pale pink splashed on the walls, carefully tempered with the use of grays, blacks and taupes – neutrals that wouldn’t find themselves in any self-respecting preppy line-up of pop colors like kelly green and aqua blue.  For me, preppy’s a can of worms.

Papagallo bags

Papagallo bags

Harkening back to braided ribbon barrettes, Papagalo bags, and whale imprinted  turtlenecks.  Oh and then there’s the “wispy gang”, those perfect blue-eyed, bone straight blondes, with the matching bangs, rocking their bobs.  How I tortured myself believing so steadfastly in their wealth and perfection.  How the boys that I loved – loved them. Ouch.  One might ask whatever would compel me to revisit such a traumatic tween-age experience?

Kate Spade Home . J'aime bien.

Kate Spade Home . J’aime bien.

Kate Spade is the answer.  Well of course, not the whole answer, but certainly part of it.  I love her stores. They are always furnished with pieces that I have admired, admittedly with a bit of resentment, as those furnishings and accessories were not for sale.  Encore et encore, over the years I have asked, where did this great credenza come from, this quirky table lamp, this divine upholstered chair?  I’ve even admired that tarnished brass owl sculpture from the seventies, and let’s be honest here, that’s a decade we could do without revisiting ….. ever.  The perfectly appointed sales gals always responded with a knowing, if not apologetic, look, “Kate curates the pieces”  sadly, they aren’t for sale.  I have to report, that they didn’t seem that sad, to share the news with me.

Kate Spade Home . J'adore.

Kate Spade Home . J’adore.

At long last, Kate has come to her senses, and put those carefully selected pieces up for sale.  I didn’t want to like them on principle, but they are lovely.  They speak to me, with their happy polka dots, contemporary lines, mix of metal and wood marrying masculine and feminine.  She’s got it going on, and my poor bank account is going to suffer the consequences.  I just know I won’t be able to resist the exorbitantly priced pieces.  Here are my picks in this post.  Do you feel the same way I do?

Kate Spade Home . Encore

Kate Spade Home . Encore

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