No Hollywood Production

Good bye your Royal Highness

Good bye your Royal Highness

And I’m no starlet.  I’m still troubling over the 18 karat gold table and chair base.  Why?  It’s not a necklace, not a royal crown, whatever could be wrong with brass?  Whatever the reason, I was sad to learn this week that my beloved Warren Platner chairs in the sparkling gold would never adorn my home.  It’s ok, how could I ever feel bad about forgoing something that would pay for a full year’s private college tuition.  Well, perhaps a little twinge, but honestly, it’s so far out of the realm of possibility that I can’t, and don’t feel bad about it. In the same way I don’t lament the fact that I am a working girl.  That’s right, not a Rothchild.  These circumstances for which I was born have challenged me, shaped me, and blessed me.  I’ll find another dining chair.  I’ll find the right sofa, the perfect curtain, a wallcovering that provides an Emeril Lagasse – BAM moment, a rug with a little wild animal, and all the elements that will fill this empty home of mine.

Color Context

Color Context

Let me say, I love it’s emptiness and possibility, this new home of mine.  It’s a clean and pleasing palette, and I already feel totally at ease here.

I love when things don’t work out as expected, because it forces me to investigate something that wasn’t immediately obvious to me.  That’s where the magic lives.  Let’s just say right now there is a lot of magic.  I have reams of cable wire that twist and pool around the living room awaiting the arrival of the electrician.   My Cable Guy wielded a staple gun with a glimmer in his eye prepared to shoot my walls full of staples.  No, No, et non.  The gynormous tv I purchased sits atop the fireplace mantle, an entirely unacceptable location for a television in my opinion, but the bookshelf will need to be retrofitted, and while I contemplated “hogging” it out on my own, I know I would regret it.  But I am impatient to get it all done, and I can’t have the painter come until that’s managed, then the electrician, then furniture, then my holiday cocktail party.

Calico Covering

Calico Covering

How in the sam tarnation did the holidays come so quickly?  I’m not prepared.  Will I make it in time?  Who knows…I know this, I won’t delay the cocktails or celebration for perfection.  I’m clear that perfection will never arrive, and good friends are forgiving.

The work begins.

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