Curation not Aquisition

There is something to be said for picking up pieces over time, for allowing travels, and baubles, and heirlooms to reveal, chapter by chapter, the character that is you.  Not everyone will take notice.  Most form an impression based on the whole and it’s not hard work to place you neatly into one of their predefined categories.  Those classifications, after all, are long steeped in tradition.  All the good and the bad of generations that preceded us, and which help bring us a sense of security.  Ah boxes, how convenient and decidedly inconvenient they are all at the same time.


DYI Never Looked so good!

Now I love a good box, particularly one that is adorned with jewels and is filled with shiny, sparkly baubles – who wouldn’t, but this post is about curation not boxes, and I aim to get to it.

Laura, Jordan and me

Me, Laura Birnbaum and Jordan Glasgow of Collins Interiors at Blue Print

This weekend my desire to find unique and special pieces and people took me to Dallas.  Who knew, but one of the most special people I know happens to live here, and one of my truly favorite home boutiques can be found at 2707 Fairmount . Dallas. BluePrintStore  I could fill a page with adjectives outlining my adoration for this store.  I’ve written about it before, but like Christmas some things are worth revisiting again and again.  This visit I was so lucky to meet two gals that work for the Interior Design parent company, Collins Interiors – Jordan Glasgow, and Laura Birnbaum let me snap pictures, and admire all those carefully procured objects.

Now to the curation.  Melissa (my dear Dallas friend) and I agree that while it would be considered tres gauche to walk into a shop, hand over a credit card, and buy the display to be transferred to your home – quelle horreur and absolutement pas!  Every last little thing in this world has an exception and Blue Print is it.  If ever you are blessed with the warewithal to do such a thing, make sure you find yourself standing smack dab in the middle of the living room of BP.  Just take it lock stock and barrel.  If you formerly lacked creativity and imagination…sat on the outside looking in, prepare to be the admired.  There’s magic in that there store, and magic is a rare and special thing. So you can see why Blue Print is to be revered.

We also found our way to a very sweet store called, The Loveliest – and with it’s pink front door,  brass hardware, and lion knocker it seemed to live up to its name.  If that catus didn’t seal the deal, Kelsey Wood Co-Owner along with her Sister, Britni did.  I warm to southern charm, it makes me feel nicer than I am.  Their shop, comprised of three little rooms, made up for its size with whimsical offerings, from paper cones with delicately frayed edges, stuffed with lavender, to tiny Turkish rugs in water color hues that will undoubtedly bring elegance to the mundane – as a welcome mat or at the foot of he sink while washing dishes.  It’s these touches that make a house a home…The Loveliest clearly got the memo.

As someone that purchases and parts ways with furnishings, art, accents, and homes faster than most people can commit to their next vacation destination, I know that these things won’t bring you happiness.  Sharing my home with family and friends however does, and making a home that is welcoming is a source of pride.

I’m off to curate the spirit of the holiday season – it’s magical.



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