Tis the Season

To put on your party dress and shoes, brush up on our conversational skills, and stockpile hostess gifts.  While wine and spirits are always a welcome thank you, I am left wondering if I could have been a tad more imaginative.  After all, throwing a party is really hard work.  At least the way I do it is – and perhaps this new year’s resolutions should include finding a way to let go of perfection, throw together the food, and focus on friends.  Until then, a few thoughts on how to kick the cocktails circuit off right.

I simply must make note of this brilliant idea – not mine – that I learned of on a recent visit to a far away state.  It’s called WANDERLUSH – a mobile drinkery and artisanal cocktail and catering company in the Boston area.  This could be the answer to fabulous and fancy-free.  Daniel and Crystal Mills are the owners, and were my new apartment ready – I’d hire them tout suite.  www.wanderlushboston.com

View More: http://rutheileenphotography.pass.us/beachinspiredshoot

WanderLush Cocktail Gladness

Now for gifts that give the getter as much pleasure as the giver – and won’t end up in the recycle booze bin in the early hours of the morning following the festivities.

Linen cocktail napkins:  Bring a little elegance even under a beer.


Getting Cheaky – blog.foryourparty.com

Paper party straws in a jelly jar adorned with ribbon or pretty colored vase that will find its way onto a display shelf, bedside table, or atop a pile of books just because.



A little potted rosemary tree.  It smells so amazing, and whispers holiday, though I love it all year long.  I can see it sitting happily on your hostess kitchen counter reminding her what a lovely friend she has in you.

A carefully selected single flower, placed in any old ordinary shallow glass bowl, or old antique teacup, or vintage champagne glass.  I love a Magnolia, a deep wine colored Gerber Daisy, or a fern wrapped around the bottom with Poppy in a perfect pop of purple.


Sometimes the simplest gestures….

A Jonathan Adler Ornament ….

jadler fish

A porcelain Fish – $24.00

So if you are booked every weekend and plan to get blotto at a cocktail party or two, these hostess gifts will be particularly important, as they serve as a proactive please forgive me for getting a little tipsy.



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