Out with the not so old

Vintage Chair

Vintage Arm Chair Covered in Knoll Fabric.  Dimensions:                           24″w x 37″h x 22″d  $375. or best offer


All my places have been pretty petite to date so I have never owned an over abundance of furniture.  None-the-less I have been known to make a bad decision now and again – that headboard covered in the Schumacher fabric I just had to have, and custom cut to match a picture I had seen in Domino – a revered magazine….revered by me anyway.  I just wouldn’t be talked out of it by my upholsterer – he knew – he said the proportions wouldn’t work.  Boy was he right.  It looked like an ice cream Sunday with a cherry on top.  I couldn’t wait to part ways with it.  Then there was the carpet I bought without the aid of a sample, when it arrived I discovered it wasn’t black and white as I originally thought, but black, white, and baby blue – had to change the entire color scheme for that apartment.  The sofa that was not only too big for the apartment but also a truly hideous fabric, ouch. All these mistakes I admit were do to lack of experience, impatience, and just plain old not knowing what you don’t know — until you know.  Very expensive mistakes to make for sure.

Verellen Sofa

Verellen Sofa – Apartment Style in pale gray.  Dimensions:                          65″L x 29″d x 33″h  $600.  Great Condition!

I’m not saying I won’t continue to make them.  I bump my way through this process, but once in awhile I have a moment for which I am really proud.  My hope is that I will save you from some of the truly atrocious lapses in judgement that were admittedly of my own making.

Living Room JF1

Arne Jacobsen Style Egg Chair and Ottoman – NEW $750. or best offer

In this particular case the items I offer up are not mistakes, not an error in judgement at all.  Sadly, they simply don’t work in my new house.  It’s not that this place is so big, but the volume of the space makes it feel very grand, and the furniture feel very small in contrast.  I will be sad to part with these items, but hope that they will be wonderful additions to one of my readers homes.





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