The Beauty of the Bar Cart


You can dress it up, dress it down, style if for a birthday or the holidays.  You can make it distinctly masculine by adding a humidor and a box of wooden matches, or a jar of beef jerky – if that doesn’t seem all hard edged male, I’m not sure what does.  My inclination is to put a girly party dress on it, but that doesn’t mean that cart should show up without a little of the hard stuff.  A girl needs to keep a lot of tools in her arsenal, and sometimes a stiff shot of whiskey is just what this chicklet needs to soften her rough edges.

Somehow even a cart that isn’t really a cart at all ends up looking like a dynamic piece of furniture.  If you find yourself short on words, just turn to the bar cart.  It has magical qualities. It need not hold items strictly associated with putting together an aperitif – no.  Decorative objects, a vase of flowers or a single bud, a petit picture, a Match Box Car, or any old object that has meaning to you, and will likely start a conversation, will do.

Be prepared for it all to be a little easier.


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