Wish Listing

Ever get caught in the  – eyes glazed – shopping craze, of the holidays.  Hallways lined with bags, closets stuffed with long forgotten packages, a list with too many names left untouched awaiting the arrival of a fitting gift?  Maybe one too many, “To Me from Me with Loves”….just what you always wanted…somethings, instead of what you are really supposed to be buying?  Voila – C’est moi.

It’s true, I found myself buying a ridiculously expensive gift for…at this point there really is no suspense…me.  If you’ve been following along, you are well aware I have a spending problem, and it was just the night before, when I said out loud, to another person, “I am going to stop”, I am going to show some self-control”.  I’m hoping by revealing the indiscretion to a larger audience, I might shame myself into behaving.  I knew when I slid that AMX card across the counter to the sales gal at Hermes that there would be no returns.  I’d blame my mother but that’s just adding insult to injury.  I also caved to the pressure of buying several very expensive gifts because my creativity appears to be taking Christmas off.  Ho, Ho, Ho Boy!

Cheeky Monkey – find them on Etsy.  Adorable

I’ve decided not to lose heart.  I have confidence I can still turn this thing around.  To prove it, I just returned from, well, returning gifts.  All those that were purchased before I had a plan in place.  And for all those things that I’ve fallen in love with along the way, I made a wish list. It’s ok to write it down, want it, write it, and let it go.  For the rest of you on my list…I still have 5 days.  I can do a world of shopping in 5 days…how about you?

samarinda crocus throw

Samarinda Crocus Throw . Designers Guild


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