Budget Busts and the Post Holiday Blues

First I would like to say – “wow” and thank you for the response to yesterday’s blog on “tidying up”.  I know the new year and making resolutions to do better, be better, be your idealized self is alluring.  Fun even.  And you should have fun with it.  The KonMari Method –51w6HOo7bsL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ even if not strictly followed can lead to a mind-shift that’s pretty positive.  Asking oneself if they really love something is a pretty straight forward way of showing the door to that which you don’t adore, and getting organized.  I wish everyone luck throughout the year – at every tag sale, and turn, don’t forget to ask yourself…does it speak to me?  What am I willing to give up to welcome it into the mix?  You and your home will be the happier for it.

I’m suggesting that today, you keep firmly in mind that idea of a shift as we talk about budgeting.  After all – this is a fresh start.  Why then does it feel like such a dirty word…budget.  Ugh.  Don’t go hiding your head under cover of your Instagram account or in the pages of some glossy magazine.  Let’s see what we might do to make it feel a little more attractive.


Financial constraints can feel unfair, but I can assure you they are a good thing.  It forces you to develop a design plan, conduct research, slow erratic decision making – you know – those “what was I thinking” moments, hit the pavement and visit lots of home goods stores to sit in, touch, and absorb the myriad of colors, textures, and materials.


  • Write it down, and be realistic (find out what that chair you’ve had your eye on REALLY costs),
  • It supports informing your design style,
  • Necessity is the art of invention (you’ll become more creative in achieving the look you’re after when you put perimeters around your budget – the design will be the more interesting for it)
  • You’ll realize you do have choices:  to splurge on one big ticket, jaw dropping, show stopping moment, allowing your other belongings to take second stage, or to go low budget, all new.  (most will choose to mix new and old, with a single dramatic element).


Above you see low cost and high cost options – left hand Kardiel at $499., right hand Design within Reach Arn Jacabson Swan Chair $4300.

If you are the patient sort (not me!) you can phase your perfect room over time, trading out old items for new, and appreciating a gradual progression.  If patience is not a virtue you possess – be prepared to purchase economical items that may not have the cache or durability of their more pricey counterparts.  There are benefits to this….one doesn’t have to feel too guilty about posting that same item on Craig’s List 6 months or a year later and replacing it with a more refined piece.  Find your way.  Build the budget, and mix and match your options until you find the scheme that’s in alignment with your budget.

Discount wallpaper sites like Wallpaperstogo.com and Wallpaperwarehouse offer really cost effective options ranging from $15.99 a rool to $60.00.  Wallpaper can make a space feel luxe quickly.

Tips for every room that can help keep budgets in check:

  • rooms shouldn’t have more than one major wow moment.  Too many cause distraction in the viewer (good news for the budget – often one high priced item will do the trick)
  • Wallpaper and paint can have major impact.  Affordable options of both abound.
  • Invest in classic pieces and you’ll likely find a place for them – even if that means moving them from room to room.  This will save you from having to buy new.

I have transformational powers, but I’m not a deity.  Budgeting will never be sexy, but not being in debt will be. Everyone, even the uber riche need to make choices – choose wisely, delay gratification, enjoy the ride.

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