What’s in a Name…that which we call a Designer

Romeo may have been as perfect called by any other name, but apparently having street cred isn’t enough to call oneself an Interior Designer.  As someone that was previously an Interior Design candidate, I am well aware of the distinction.  Education, certification, the ability to move interior walls, understand the code, be schooled in color theory, the history of furniture – the provenance of things, all command respect for the special designation.  I love school.  I love learning in formal, and informal settings.  I appreciate the confidence, and the voice one acquires by way of a formal education, but I appreciate too that some people just have what it takes.


I’ve been in love with Ben Moore so long…if I met one I’d have to marry him.

I had a dear friend (she now lives far from me) that has that design ability – what I call a “design eye”, in spades.  She could transform you in the back seat of a cab with a tube of lip gloss and spit, into a super model before you emerged at an event 10 minutes later.  She turned apartments into showcases with a couple of cans of paint, and garage sale furniture.  I once saw her transform a restaurant into a fashion show runway with $30., a trip to Chinatown, and paper umbrellas.  You cannot imagine the depths of brilliance she had in her little pinky–and hear me loud and clear – she had no formal training.  She’s now turned her talents to jewelry design, and trust me she continues to sparkle.  Samatha can be found at:  http://www.shopsamanthahouse.com/  

I know people love titles.  New titles are being invented every day.  I had my chance at Interior Design, but finances stopped me short of the designation.  Perhaps I’ll make up my own title.  I’d want it to be beyond fabulous. Something like:

  • Meretisa of the Manse
  • Vision Caster
  • Decorateur du Jour

I may need to consult Samantha – the master of reinvention.  I think these titles need some work.  Alas, whether I stumble into a bucket of fabric samples, or splash dozens of paint colors across the walls of my homes, I undoubtedly know what I like.  Sometimes it comes to me in that space between sleep and wakefulness, other times through a very messy trial and error.  I don’t judge the process, and try to enjoy the product.


Credentials or none, on your own, or with assistance, no one should dictate what’s good design – that’s for you to decide.  And for goodness sakes – have fun with it.


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