Sitting Pretty .looking for the living room chairs

I’m desperate in my search for the perfect living room chair(s).  I bracket my “s” because it’s hard to say with a 10′ ladder, my swinging chariot of a chandelier, and my misfit furniture whether I need one or two.  This will most definitely need to be worked out before I actually make the purchase…but for now just identifying the chair and making a love connection will do.  As it is Valentine’s Day, and most everything looks better through rose colored glasses I have collected some of the prettiest pink chairs I could find.  That is, in my opinion of course.


Don’t those just make your heart aflutter with excitement?  Perhaps it’s the kid in me, but a swivel chair is both playful and practical.  If there’s a dip in conversation or said conversation is decidedly boring, you can take yourself for a spin.  It makes turning to the television or toward that engaging chap to your right, and dare I dream, another just to your left, a sinch.  It’s rhythmic and relaxing and fabulously fashionable.  I’m very fond of the Jonathan Adler Bacharach Swivel pictured above. And it goes without saying that a Bergere is welcome in any home of mine.

souffle chair

Pink Confection of Perfection – Kelly Wearstler’s Souffle Chair

I am certain that Kelly Wearstler has many secret admirers – but I am not one of them.  I have made my obsession with her very public.  That is why I am certain you aren’t surprised to learn that her Souffle Chair, pictured to the left is my current crush.  What I am not crushing on is the price tag – at $7300.  I will have to wait for the rich and famous to get bored with the chair and sell it to me at a fraction of the price.  I’ll love it forever…and the name…it’s simply sublime.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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