Seeing Spots

Is almost as good as seeing stars.  Who doesn’t love going starry eyed for some mouth watering man.  Design shouldn’t be too buttoned up.

Target - Oh Joy 79 Dotty

Target – Oh Joy $79.00

When I flip through the pages of a magazine, I am both in awe of the beautiful spaces people create, and sometimes made to feel a little sad for them.  They look so serious, beyond perfection, unlivable, unlaughable (as an artist I am taking license here with my made-up word…it just feels right) spaces where silence abounds and no cocktails are permitted. Quelle Domage and no way.  Certainly not a place that I would want to pass the time.

Dots, spots, and polkas bring a little happy, and infuse a little realism.  Perfect doesn’t exist except in photo shoots.  To strive for it is surely to ask to be disappointed.  Whimsy can be hidden on a high shelf of your built-in, begging a guest to discover what other delights you have hidden beneath the surface – many – just as an FYI,  and to bring a smile to their face as pleasant surprise dawns.

Happy can burst forth in the form of a wall covering that demands your attention, pulling a purr from your pretty lips at the perfection of those polka d’s.  It may be scattered about – a dotted umbrella stand, a confetti scattered table, a freckled surface splashed across a porcelain vase.  You’re the boss of you, so you should do what you do, in your own way.  A china frog, a furry barking dog, I digress, and I think you get the point (which is another dot) don’t forget that people and places that have a little kid at heart, are among the most frequented, and desired of acquaintances.


Even dots can be high brow if that’s your preference, as I have shown here.  Kate Spade had practically built an empire on polk dots, showing us all how to have both a perfectly appointed home, and one that just invites a good time.  So dot your i’s and cross your t’s if you must, but don’t hesitate to roll out those spots.

Ostrich Wallpaper

Ostrich Wallpaper

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